DCUO Super-Speed Video – Featuring the Flash!

Sony Online Entertainment has released a short video showing off super-speed in the upcoming DC Universe Online massively-multiplayer online game. Creative Director Jens Andersen introduces the clips, which feature both the Flash and player-created characters.

The video highlights not just running fast, but running up buildings, running upside-down on the ceiling, and special combat moves like whirlwinds.

If it doesn’t work here, or you want to watch it at a different size, you can watch it at YouTube. (Found via ComicBook Movie, though I couldn’t get the video to play there.)

Judging by the comments on yesterday’s Flash #3 variant cover, I should probably mention that this game has been in the works for quite a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flash shown above was designed at a time when Wally West was still the main version of the character.


8 thoughts on “DCUO Super-Speed Video – Featuring the Flash!

  1. Craig

    That looks awesome. Hope you can use DCU characters like Flash instead of just the ones they created exclusively for the game.

    1. Raul

      You create your own character… its an MMORpg. You cant play as any actual DC character, you play as yourself.

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  3. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    Looks absolutely jaw dropping. I haven’t played an mmorpg since City of Heroes but I’m itching to get back in.

  4. Kyer

    Can’t do gaming, but really liked the Flash scenes. Wish they’d had him doing the running upside part as well. (Only thumbs down was that he looked to be moving too slow in that one running by the city block part and….not enough scenes with him period!

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like they animated one of the DC Direct action figures?

  5. YraniGami

    ..sigh.. Guess I’ll have to get a PS3 now.. but I guess it’ll be worht it. (yeah I know.. plausible deniability n’ all that.)

  6. Mike W.

    Wally looks great in the video! Wondering how many are going to want to play this game around here who intend on making their own Flash-type character?


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