Flash #3 Variant Cover by Greg Horn

Over at The Source, DC has unveiled several variant covers for upcoming books, including Greg Horn’s cover for The Flash #3 .

The Flash #3 is scheduled to arrive in stores on June 23 June 30.


25 thoughts on “Flash #3 Variant Cover by Greg Horn

    1. Mr Maczaps

      lol. yeah thats right. the guy forgot Barry’s belt goes straight across… someone else drew Wally’s wrong in the secret files too i think it was…
      oh well.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Fixed. It’s been a busy day, and I totally forgot that I needed to re-save the image for Internet Explorer users. (As it turns out, the original file was a ridiculously-large-for-the-web 700 KB, so this should make it a bit more bandwidth-friendly as well.)

  1. kyer

    Ah. Um…
    If this was Wally I’d be thrilled, but you know since it’s Flash v3 #3 that it’s supposed to be Barry Allen so…

    I hate it when they have Barry wearing Wally’s pants (and the other way around too.) Makes my imagination come up with all sorts of odd-ball reasons for it. Like Barry was so busy doing lab work that he forgot to do his laundry or something and had to borrow a pair from his nephew. Okay, that’s kind of funny…but so *wrong*. LOL

      1. Kyer

        Oh, I remember seeing that…got to read a bit of it too before a site was…eh…well. No longer there.

        Gotta love the crack. When it comes from a canon source it’s even more fun. (btw, S_D site has crack panel from Batman “in disguise” as a policeman. (6/4). I thought I was going to bust something when I saw it. And they say Wally the animated version was a goofball.)

        Your site is giving my browser fits which is a pain when I’m in fic Editor (crashes), but I can’t stop coming here. It’s too much fun. 🙂 Thanks for making my day so many times.

  2. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    Great work overall but the belt is just a clear cut sign of a lack of attention to detail. I hate when they do this and I hate when they mix up the eye colors.

    Still fantastic work.

  3. YraniGami

    The belt is Wally’s and the eyes are more greenish than blue-ish.. yup, that’s Wally. Either the Wally costume change wasn’t radical enough or some artists cannot, for some reason, keep up with all the “flash” changes.

  4. Kelson Post author

    It took a decade for artists who weren’t regularly working on the Flash comic to get Wally’s costume & eye color right once the changes were established, and they still went back and forth on whether the eyes in the mask were blank or not, and how shiny the costume was.

    I think we’re in for at least a couple of years of artists getting Barry’s costume & eye color wrong.

    It’s still an impressive image, though. I especially like the wind-tunnel effect.

    1. Kyer

      This is the fault of DC’s management. In this day and age, how hard could it be to provide the various artists with a company secured website to go to with updated diagrams on each character’s visuals?

      As it is, I can only imagine they just say “Draw the Flash” and the poor artist is left to Google through thousands of wikis and such trying to find a guide. When you consider the decades of different Flash depictions (including those where he is flying like Superman!), no wonder it’s a mess.

  5. EJ

    You know i’ve never really gotten the differences in the suit that alot of people swear by when it comes Wally’s as opposed to Barry’s. To me when I see the classic Red Flash outfit it’s always Barry to me unless i’m told otherwise funny how that works sometimes.

    1. Lia

      I’m the same way, and don’t really notice the small errors and differences. I’m easy to please in that sense, presumably :>

  6. Eric R

    Could it be possible that it was intentionally made as Wally (though they did completely miss his new costume) because Wally is going to be in the issue? It would still be the wrong costume, but at least they got the character right in this scenario.

    As to the person above me that doesn’t notice the difference, the belts are very different and really the only distinction between the two (until Rebirth when Wally got a new, darker and more visually distinct costume).

  7. Rob

    As Nelson has said before, it appears DC is just using their stockpile of Flash covers as variants for the new series. This one was obviously for the Wally title.

    Still a great cover regardless. The cover actually looks cooler on the stands than on the screen too.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I’m not so sure it’s a stockpile of old covers, but it seems likely that when DC prepared to launch the new series, they commissioned a bunch of artists to “Draw a Flash cover.”

  8. Anon

    I feel odd commenting on such an old article, but I wanted to clarify the identity in this image. I questioned the artist, Greg, about this artwork recently at our local comicon. He confirmed that he intended this to be Barry Allen. He admitted that the uniform had some mistakes, and that he genuinely didn’t realize it at the time.

    Just wanted to mention that, in case anybody came across this page later (as I just did, via Google) was still curious.


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