Flash #3 and Velocity #1 Ship June 30

What is it with speedsters and delays?

Top Cow has sent out a press release announcing the June 30 launch of Velocity #1. On a whim, I re-checked DC’s website, and found that Flash #3, previously scheduled for June 23, had been quietly rescheduled for the same day.

The delays on the second half of Flash: Rebirth are the stuff of legend. I know I’m not the only one who hoped that the new series might be able to stay on top of the schedule a bit better, and the first two issues did arrive right on time, but this is the second delay for issue #3. On the plus side, DC hasn’t rescheduled issues #4 and #5…at least not yet.

More on Velocity

Velocity has had a long, slow road to release, so a couple of extra weeks won’t make much difference. The short version: The 2007 Pilot Season issue won the fan vote for which comic should get picked up for an ongoing series, but delays and creative differences eventually scuttled the book.

The book is finally seeing print as a 4-issue miniseries by Ron Marz and Kenneth Rocafort. Carin Taylor, the fastest woman alive in the Top Cow universe, must beat the clock to save her own life and the lives of her Cyberforce teammates from a deadly techno-virus.


3 thoughts on “Flash #3 and Velocity #1 Ship June 30

  1. Mark Engblom

    You’d think with Geoff John’s new position at DC, the editors and artists would be breaking their necks to get John’s high profile projects out on time. Not that Johns is much of a club-wielder (hopefully he’ll learn to step on a few feet when necessary as time goes on), but wow…delaying the Chief Creative Officer’s titles? Not the way to amp up the job security at DC.

  2. Hyperion

    On the plus side, DC hasn’t rescheduled issues #4 and #5…at least not yet.

    Don’t jinx it!


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