French Designer’s Flash Ballerina Shoes

Bleeding Cool reports on the results of French fashion designers taking inspiration from DC Comics characters. Among the results: €175.59 Flash Ballerina Shoes.

The imperfectly-translated writeup on the listing:

Why “Flash”? We liked the idea to create a ballerina inspired by “Flash”, to keep only the flash of lighting of his great male powers and to put it in women feet!” — Repetto.

More images of this odd fusion at the listing, plus more examples of comics couture at the Bleeding Cool article. The shoes are on the cheap side of a collection that includes €1663.88 Catwoman boots.


10 thoughts on “French Designer’s Flash Ballerina Shoes

  1. mbish

    This is the time I most regret not being able to wear ballerina flats. My feet are to wierd and they slip out.
    *sadness* 🙁

    1. mbish

      The designer used The Flash as inspiration for these shoes.
      They are the bright red and feature a lightning bolt that mirrors his costumes design concepts.

      I really like th simplisity of them on a side note. They did not go too complex with the design which really suits them and in my opinion mirrors The Flashes costume concepts. His logo I find is the easiest to draw for example.

  2. Kyer

    Let’s hope the wearers of these don’t end up breaking the dimensional barrier when they do a twirl.

    Or that the Reverse Flash Ballerina doesn’t show up.

    1. mbish


      That comment sort of makes my want for these even greater.
      And I guess they would look lovely in yellow

      1. Kyer

        How about a ‘black’ pair for when you’re feeling dead on your feet?

        (I want a pair of Flash running shoes…for kinda obvious reasons.)

        1. mbish

          You did not just make things cooler did you?
          I would buy all three colours just cause that would be awesome.


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