GL2 Trio to Write Flash Movie

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Brothers has hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to write treatments for Green Lantern 2…and The Flash! The trio will then write the screenplay for one of the movies.

Surprising no-one who has read any DC comics during the last two years, the movie “will take inspiration from [Geoff] Johns’ recent work and will feature the Barry Allen incarnation of the character.”*

The three writers have all been involved with the Green Lantern film. Greg Berlanti had been rumored as a possible director for The Flash, and of course Marc Guggenheim wrote the “Full Throttle” story for the comic book Flash: The Fastest Man Alive. Interestingly enough, Berlanti and Guggenheim will be bringing another speedster to the screen — the TV screen — in this fall’s No Ordinary Family.

Presumably this means they’ve abandoned the Dan Mazeau script announced last year. It’s hardly the first time the movie has been sent back to the drawing board in the nearly six years since it was first announced.

News found via The Nerdy Bird!

*Yes, I know that’s a picture of Wally West. THR used the cover for The Flash Secret Files #1 in their article, and I figured I would too just because it looks cool.


15 thoughts on “GL2 Trio to Write Flash Movie

  1. Some Guy

    I’m still not convinced that Barry Allen is thematically strong enough to carry a movie, whereas Wally or even Bart could have pulled it off fairly easily.

    All the tragic backstory Geoff Johns added to him really only manages to thematically make him Batman with superspeed, which isn’t nearly as unique or resonant as a Legacy theme, and I don’t see a movie going to the bother of including Jay Garrick in any capacity when the movie is about Barry.

    Even if they use Johns’s Rogues focus as an inspiration, I still have trouble seeing an effective movie coming out of it, as they’d largely serve to usurp the lead from the Flash.

      1. yranigami

        Don’t be a d**k. It could’ve just as well been Wally and the show STILL would’ve sucked because the writers sucked.

  2. Kyer

    Based solely on who is currently in charge of DC and Flash comics/toys right now…I’m hardly surprised.
    The only good news is that I”ll only need to save for the dvd and not that as well as a theater ticket. I’d have taken out a friggin LOAN to see a good movie multiple times if it had featured Wally, Bart, Max, and Jay and then bought the Blu Ray and a Blue Ray player.

    Honestly a bit tired of seeing Barry’s name right now on books and toys. Really hurts when you consider all the years wasted when they were planning on Wally or Bart but didn’t do anything.

  3. Jesse

    Arrggg – we already had a live-action Barry and the only way they could make that interesting was to make him half-Wally (eats a lot, psychological power loss, Star Labs, single, Tina).

    I still don’t get Barry’s appeal. I’m liking the new Flash comic, but it could have just as easily starred Wally.

    1. Kyer

      Oh man…I purchased the dvd based on vague memories of the show and made it through the first three episodes going…”Hey, that’s Wally’s eating disorder….that’s Wally’s schtick…That’s WALLY’s female friend! WHEN THE *** DID BARRY EVER MEET TINA MCGEE? WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO TO IRIS WEST? ARGH!” I had been waiting to see Barry in action and instead got some sort of mutant Flash mash.
      DVD is still sitting in a pile on my bureau. episodes 4 on unwatched.

      1. Kelson Post author

        “Mutant Flash mash.” I’ll have to remember that!

        If you can stand the alternate-reality aspect, I’d recommend at least watching “Ghost in the Machine” and the two Trickster episodes.

        Crimson Lightning has reviewed the whole series one episode at a time, and has a good breakdown of what does and doesn’t work. If you can’t bring yourself to watch the DVDs, the reviews might give you a sense of where the series went by the end of the season.

        1. Kyer

          It was a Flash Mash!
          (of the freakish kind.)
          A royal Flash Bash!
          (as if the fans were blind.)
          A Mutant Flash Hash!
          (were they out of their mind?)
          It caused a Backlash!
          (to this the Wally fan whined.)
          Ah woooo….
          Mutant Flash Mash…
          (Didio, you impetuous Fanboy…)
          (Barry good, master….rrrrr)
          (That wasn’t Barry, you fool…that was WARRY. *sigh* So hard to find good brain trusts these days.)

          I’ll give the rest a try, Kelson. Eventually. When I’m otherwise not busy and bored out of my damaged skull. : )

  4. Amagoi

    They’re writing a treatment for Flash? Wait, didn’t Geoff Johns himself already write and submit a treatment? Or are they doing a new one from scratch along with the script?

    I dearly hope this will be good. Though the fact the only one with personal experience with the Flash wrote for the worst Flash series isn’t the best sign.

    1. Ben Hall

      Not to mention that Guggenheim has a tendency to give heroes (examples Bart, Wolverine) too much power. He also sometimes, particularly during his Civil War Wolverine run, changes story details between one point and the next. I worry greatly for the film.

  5. papa zero

    If only I could get back all the time spent venting my anger on fictional character Wally West when Barry Allen died. Alright, alright… that never happened.

  6. Dylan

    Geoff Johns and DC Comics in general seem to be in complete denial regarding the Flash leading-man situation. I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of comic readers today – and the people that want to see the movie succeed – want to see a story about Wally, not Barry.

    Johns is so stuck on returning DC to the Silver Age that it doesn’t seem as if he cares what fans want. John’s/Didio’s decision to bring Barry back [thereby completely negating the significance of his sacrifice] is easily one of the worst moves ever made in comic book history. Mark Waid, which I believe to be one of the most respected Flash writers, even wrote an editorial in the back of a Flash issue in the ’90s [can’t remember the exact issue number] about how the idea of bringing Barry back would ruin his history and destroy all of the Wally-era character development. It’s too bad the movie isn’t being based on a Mark Waid treatment.


    Barry Allen: 1959 – 1985 (246 Issues)

    Wally West: 1987 – 2009 (250 Issues)


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