Flash #4 Variant Cover by Scott Kolins

DC has posted seven upcoming variant covers at The Source, including Scott Kolins’ take on The Flash #4.

Unless you count the unfinished cover used to solicit Flash: Rebirth #6, This is Barry Allen’s first unmasked cover appearance in a year and definitely the first since the relaunch. I like the sign’s homage to the classic Robert Kanigher/Carmine Infantino team from the dawn of the Silver Age.

I’m really starting to wonder how long DC plans to keep releasing these 1:10 variants. They’ve got one listed all the way out through the current solicitations for issue #6. Since none of the alternate covers we’ve seen so far have anything to do with the story, I suspect DC just asked a bunch of artists to draw a Flash cover and they’ve been working through the set.

The Flash #4 ships either July 28 or August 4. Diamond reported a delay last month, but that change has dropped off their shipping updates list, and DC’s website still shows the July 28 date.


5 thoughts on “Flash #4 Variant Cover by Scott Kolins

  1. Mark Engblom

    Nice! Still a little overboard on the “leaking lightning bolts”, but I love the after-image work by Kollins.

    Probably the most awkwardly-named storefront in history there in the background. “Hey, mom….can we go down to Kanigher-Infantino and pick up some dinner?…which explains why I’m generally not a fan of comic-legend name dropping in comics/movies. It’s usually awkward, obvious, and little self-indulgent.

    But that’s just me.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I can’t believe I missed that one. I went back and double-checked all the Rebirth and Blackest Night covers, but somehow forgot the Secret Files!

  2. Rob

    I’m wondering when DC will stop with the 1:10 variants myself. I can say the price for them has dropped dramatically at my store. #2 variant set me back $15.
    #3 only cost me $8.

    Hopefully, #6 will mark the end of the variants. Wait until we reach a landmark issue for the next one huh DC??

    1. Kelson Post author

      I don’t know…they kept up the variants on the current Justice Society of America though Geoff Johns’ entire run, didn’t they?


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