Gone Fishin’

That’s some impressive depth of field Wonder Woman is setting up in that shot. No wonder she needs a tripod! (Actually, that would be a seriously old camera for 1947, wouldn’t it?)

Instead of crime-fighting action, Comic Cavalcade‘s covers in the 1940s featured Wonder Woman, the Flash and Green Lantern hanging out together and having fun. Or occasionally doing something more serious, like collecting papers for a wartime recycling drive.

(Comic Cavalcade #21 cover from the Grand Comics Database.)


3 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. kyer

    Good gosh! Wonder Woman, GL, and Flash are going to LIE about their fishing prowess?

    Seriously, I’d very happily do without lunch money for years if they came out with issues dealing with just humor like this. A sort of year-around Holiday special with nuthin but good vibes all through it. For once I wouldn’t even have to sneak the books past judgmental eyes, too.


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