Weekend Updates: Zoom & Captain Boomerang

I’ve updated two entries over at my Flash reference site, Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning.

First, I’ve posted an updated image of Captain Boomerang. After updating his biography last month, I realized I needed to add an image of his new costume. While I was at it, I also added images of him as a Black Lantern and White Lantern.

Something I’ve been thinking about off and on has been how best to present the Blackest Night Lantern Corps costumes. I finally decided the best choice was to just post them in each character’s profile, though I may do a round-up at some point.

Then I decided that if I was posting Digger’s Black and White Lantern looks, I’d take care of the Reverse-Flash as well. That was when I realized that I hadn’t updated his entry since before Flash: Rebirth. Oops!

So I filled in some more detail on what I had already, then wrote up the key elements that have changed: His resurrection in Blackest Night, his transformation in Flash: Rebirth, and his time-travel campaign against Barry Allen.

Both articles are up to date with the Brightest Day status quo…though I’m sure there will be some new wrinkles coming up in their Rogue Profile issues this fall.


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