Flash #9 Solicitation & Cover

DC’s Brightest Day solicitations for December are up!

The Flash #9

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:10 Variant cover by SCOTT KOLINS

BRIGHTEST DAY rushes forward! Now, make way for Hot Pursuit – the latest speedster to come out of the Speed Force! He’s here to make sure no one breaks the speed limit – hero or villain! And just wait until you see whose face is under Hot Pursuit’s helmet…

On sale DECEMBER 29 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Notes — Three Flashes: Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen as Kid Flash. (This also marks both Wally’s and Bart’s first cover appearances — and probably first appearances, unless one of them shows up in flashbacks during the upcoming Rogue Profile issues — in Volume 3. It looks like we won’t have to wait until 2011 to see Wally West in the main Flash book…unless it slips a week.)

I’m not sure what a speedster needs with a motorcycle, but I’ve got to admit that it looks cool. (Hmm, suddenly I’m reminded of the “You can fly! Why do you need a plane!” “You drive a car, don’t you?” exchange at the end of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.)


16 thoughts on “Flash #9 Solicitation & Cover

  1. Joey

    OMG look at who’s on that cover! Everybody to please the fans I guess. I’m more a Barry fan, bu I’m still happy to see those face on there 🙂

  2. Some Guy

    So, With that subtle hint at the end there, should we already just assume this ‘new’ character is John Fox with a motorcycle?

    1. Mike W.

      It could be John Fox? What is he riding? a Cat Cycle? Weird to say the least. I am not getting my hopes up that this will actually be out on time. I am still waiting for issue what… 4 or 5 to come in at this point. The scheduling bumps on a brand new book which was supposedly the greatest thing they could do for a character are not impressing me! We’ll see though I suppose.

  3. Craig

    Speculation on the comic bloc forums is that it is actually Jai West as an adult.

    Frankly, I’d much prefer it was a brand-new character. Expand the Flash “family” some more instead of bogging down an existing character with continuity which might get retconned in a few months anyway.

  4. Kyer

    The DC continuity police. He’s here to warn that we really, REALLY, don’t want to see the future lest the twists and swirls of upcoming rebirths and retcons drive us mad. Problem: he was supposed to have arrived a decade ago. 😉

  5. Lex

    The idea of a speedster on a motorcycle is pretty cool. I like the idea of using the Speed Force in new ways. Maybe this speedster is channeling his SF connection into the bike and he gets some sort of benefit from that.

    If the specualation about it being Jai is right, then maybe he’s using tech in the bike to access the Speed Force. But that makes me wonder how he’s able to survive going in and out of the Speed Force.

    1. kyer

      On Wally’s uniform…I’m liking it less and less. Do like the idea of John Fox on the bike, but if it is Jai…perhaps the machine not only allows him to enter the Speed Force, but to utilize all it’s properties just like a regular speedster could…such as a protective aura. Once OFF the bike, that protection might go poof…so he’s handicapped to the bike. How did he achieve this? Who said he did. Maybe someone else with the ability to make such a machine did it for him. Heck, it could even have been future Wally helping his son to access his world. That would actually be a pretty cool premise.

  6. Kyer

    Btw (and on a completely different subject) I’m one frustrated Flash fan. I saw a really bad pic of a Flash Washed Canvas Messenger Bag advertised. Pretty neat. Problem is that there was no real information given on it and the picture showed it as being all yellow. (Yellow?!) If anyone has any information on this thing (pockets quantity, size dimensions) I would be very pleased to hear it as I need to buy a bag before late October.

  7. Lex

    Oh and it looks like Time Masters: Vanishing Point #6, also in December, will have hints about Flashpoint. So that issue might be of interest to Flash fans.

  8. West

    “Hot Pursuit” is one raggedy-@$$ name…outside of Gen-1 Transformers.

    Otherwise, this doesn’t move me much. I don’t expect the reveal to be that interesting and the concept doesn’t intrigue me “from a distance.”

    It would be nice to be surprised, though.

  9. BK

    Great to see Wally and Bart being featured here, and especially drawn by Manapul. If I hear good things about the issue and I have a little extra cash that month, I might pick it up.

    Also, it’s nice to see Bart with the correct hair color for a change – as in brown, not red. (I guess at least one colorist at DC realizes that Bart isn’t Wally?)

  10. EJ

    The description for Hot Pursuit sounds ridiculous yet awesome at the same time, i’m hoping that they will get the delays fixed. Because Flash has been rocking these past 4 issues and until the delays was building up nice momentum, now with #5 coming out this week it would be nice to get things going again.


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