Flash #10 Iconic Cover

In January 2011, DC Comics’ covers will focus on the characters and their logos. The Source shows off 8 covers following the theme, including several one-shots spotlighting “key characters” who don’t have their own series right now.


7 thoughts on “Flash #10 Iconic Cover

  1. Luke

    I am wondering what this means for team books which have no specific leader or “person in charge” — namely Outsiders and Doom Patrol. I guess Outsiders would be either Geo-Force or Black Lightning depending on which group gets the focus that month, but the Doom Patrol is pretty much a group effort.

  2. kyer

    Sigh. They just had to do this sort of thing BEFORE Speed Force comes out. I love the Flash and GL treatments and would have loved to have one highlighting the other speedsters too. Unfortunately, MY favorites (Wally/Bart/Jay) are not there. Or is there one for JSA?

    1. Brandan

      Although I’m fully prepared to raid DC’s offices to ask why they feel Wally isn’t iconic or worthy of having his own one shot…I think the JSA arguing over who’s most iconic would be quite hilarious.

  3. Ken O

    I love when they do cover events like this. Not sure this beats the one where everyone’s name was a major part of the cover, but these are cool.

  4. Perplexio

    The Batman one… I’m GUESSING is Bruce Wayne as he is the iconic Batman… But I’d kind of prefer it to be Dick Grayson.

    I noticed several people on The Source are noting the lack of a Wonder Woman cover.

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s Bruce. One of the articles I read pointed out that when Bruce comes back, he’ll be adding back the yellow oval around the bat-symbol, while Dick will be sticking with his current costume.


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