Flash #6 Pushed to November 10

DC’s website now shows a November 10 release date for Flash #6, and November 24 for Flash #7. No change so far on Flash #8 or #9, which are scheduled for the beginning and end of December.

Flash #6 concludes the opening story arc, “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues.” Flash #7 and #8 are Rogue Profile issues, spotlighting Captain Boomerang and Professor Zoom, drawn by guest artist Scott Kolins.

(Hat tip to Wayne Lippa for spotting the change.)


8 thoughts on “Flash #6 Pushed to November 10

  1. Craig

    So a two week delay then from the original date? Not bad. Though I hope this is the last time that this book faces this problem.

        1. Kelson Post author

          From what I remember, Bart’s run was almost entirely on time.

          As I recall, one issue early on was delayed a week or two, and the final issue was scheduled early, then pushed out to the normal time. I think it normally came out the 3nd week of the month and was solicited for the 2nd week that month, then moved back to the 3rd week.

    1. Flash Bulletin

      Probably the delay is due to the commitments of Geoff Johns as co-editor.
      I don’t like Manapul as penciler. Barrows is better than him.

  2. Flash Bulletin

    Good! I thought the late would be increased. We have now the possibility to read the issues in the real order.


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