Guggenheim Talks Flash Movie

Marc Guggenheim spoke to Newsarama about the planned Flash movie. Screen Rant has transcribed bits from the video clip.


  • He describes it as a hybrid CSI thriller/superhero/sports movie (based on the athleticism of the character).
  • They’re drawing from Geoff Johns’ run, Mark Waid’s philosophy of speed, and the Silver Age. In particular:

    We’ve also tried to take our inspiration from the old Silver Age Barry Allen stories and imbue it with that sense of fun and wonder while still keeping that cool, slightly darker tone.”

  • Guggenheim keeps suggesting cameos from elsewhere in the DCU, but those decisions would be made way above his level.


3 thoughts on “Guggenheim Talks Flash Movie

  1. Xian

    Good heads up, I’ll listen to this when I’m not at work.
    It sounds a bit market-speak-ish but the “fun and wonder” does make me feel better about the approach… the first step towards proper execution is actually knowing what the audience wants so even if, for now, it’s just market speak it means they know the market. Fingers crossed!

  2. Lightning Armour

    I really really do not like the way they’re talikg about this.
    Guggenhiem is a bad writer in general.
    And he seems to be contradicting himself by saying that it will be darker, yet keep a happy silver age tone.

    And also, screw Barry.

  3. Dylan

    Why can’t whoever is involved in DC’s cross-medium projects ever accept that Wally’s stories are the ones worth telling on film? In the Flash TV series, the character was named Barry, had Barry’s friends/relatives, but he basically wore Wally’s suit, and was written EXACTLY like early Wally [jumping from girl-to-girl, having to eat in excess to offset his energy used from moving at super-speed, etc.]. Even in New Frontier, the character’s name was Barry, his wife was Iris, but again he is written exactly like Wally, and again is displayed in Wally’s suit. What’s the obsession about wanting to re-write history to make the Silver Age NOT campy and riddled with out-there sci-fi stories? Wally’s stories and enemies were dark, not Barry’s. Slapping the ‘Barry Nametag’ on Wally is offensive to both fans of Barry AND Wally. They should just do the movie about Jay and avoid this whole mess.


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