Poll: The Flash’s Earpieces

How do you prefer the Flash’s earpieces to be drawn? (red suit)

Wings. 19% (46 votes)
Lightning bolts. 12% (29 votes)
Wings for Barry, lightning bolts for Wally. 58% (137 votes)
Wings for Wally, lightning bolts for Barry. 4% (9 votes)
So that’s what those things are! 2% (5 votes)
No preference. 4% (9 votes)
Other. 1% (2 votes)
  • John Fox’s not-attached-to-his-head floating wings
  • abstract enough to be identifiable as neither

Update: The results are in.


11 thoughts on “Poll: The Flash’s Earpieces

  1. Alfred

    I think it should be wings for Barry and lightning bolts for Wally. Not only does it create a visual difference, but it says a lot about the styles/personalities of the characters.

  2. Kelson Post author

    @Shag, I’m thinking of the streamlined, pointy ones like on EVS’ Flash: Rebirth covers.

    @West, they shouldn’t be.unless there’s a problem with the embedding, the trip options work names should be switched.

  3. Kyer

    I feel like I’m trying to see the Emperor’s new clothes (only without the utter embarrassment of that.)
    What is everyone looking at? All I see are responses. *sigh* computershateme.

    Okay, I’m going to take a stab at this anyway:

    I like lightning bolts. Have since I saw my first thunderstorm. So if there are any nice, not-outrageously long lightning bolts behind the magic curtain…I pick those, Monty Hall 😀

    1. Kyer

      Ah. I use Firefox with various security precautions, but did allow SpeedForce’s script. Must be one of the other dozen scripts that NoScript says are being blocked…too much trouble to be playing trial and error. 🙁

  4. Imitorar

    It’s gotta be wings, whether it’s for Barry, Wally, Bart, or Jay. I mean, the whole point of the wings is to reference Mercury. And Mercury did not have lightning bolts on his helmet.

  5. Mike W.

    I went with the Wings for Barry and Lightning Bolts for Wally. Mainly because of the recent costume change for Wally and it looking more like the Animated Justice League costume. The lightning bolts just seem to work better with that costume. The wings on Barry’s head and boots are more appropriate for that costume.


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