Triple Flash in December

DC has shuffled the schedule for The Flash again, pushing the two Scott Kolins/Rogue Profile issues back a bit more. Flash #7 is now due December 1, and Flash #8 is scheduled for December 15. Flash #9, the first issue of the next arc and the return of regular artist Francis Manapul, is still on the line for December 29, meaning that if this schedule holds, we’ll see three issues of The Flash in December. (Well, you will…I probably won’t have time to make it to the comic store all month!)

The Flash #6, concluding “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues,” has been pushed one more week to November 17.

(Thanks to Eric Ridgeway for the scoop!)


9 thoughts on “Triple Flash in December

  1. David Stansfield

    For the fastest man alive he sure has the slowest comic when it comes the release. DC hurts itself with the pushbacks it has with the flash. But what do they care it isn’t Superman or Batman.

    1. Imitorar

      It’s not like the Superman books and Bat-books haven’t suffered delays too. Superman #704 was delayed by a month, and they had to make it a fill-in issue to get back to schedule. And Return of Bruce Wayne #6 was pushed off by a month, which made The Road Home a lot less comprehensible than it should have been. It’s not just the Flash. It’s a general problem with modern comic publishing.

  2. Javi Trujillo

    i am about ready to drop this book and wait for trades. a book about the fastest man alive should NEVER be late. DC needs to show the character some respect. Manapul’s art is nice, but if he can’t hack the schedule due to his other commitments, he needs to be replaced. How can the Flash gain momentum when it never comes out? this book has been made inconsistent since Johns left the first time. If anything, they need to take Kolins off JSA and have him go fulltime back on Flash. Or Bagley. SOMEONE who can draw clean, fast, and meet deadlines.

  3. Kelson Post author

    FWIW, I believe Francis Manapul’s commitment to Beast Legends is done, unless they’ve gotten a second season and I haven’t heard.


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