More Flash in January 2011

In addition to Flash #10, here are a few other items spotted on DC’s January solicitations:

Flash guest-stars in Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3
Kid Flash guest-stars in Superboy #3.
Young Justice #0 launches, starring the young heroes of the new cartoon series (in DC continuity as Earth-16).
Jay Garrick is front and center on the Justice Society of America cover.
Flash is front and center on the Super Friends cover.

Kid Flash & Jesse Quick continue to appear in Teen Titans and Justice League of America.

And then there’s this:

DCU Online Flash statue designed based on art by Jim Lee, coming June 2011.


9 thoughts on “More Flash in January 2011

  1. Javier E. Trujillo

    even though it looks to be based on Barry, I am SERIOUSLY thinking about picking this up. What the heck, I could pretend it’s Wally in his costume circa Flash #1-49!

      1. Hyperion

        The DCU Online comic tie-in that was released a few months back had him listed as Wally. Just saying.

        I simply cannot support this Young-Justice-in-name-only series, full stop.

          1. Hyperion


            I’m usually quite lenient in regards to such decisions, but this is an exception I take quite strongly to.

            I wanted Young Justice – this isn’t Young Justice.** To me, it’s just the 80s Teen Titans with the most convenient nametag they haven’t used.

            **By which I mean the fundamental foundations; the Bart/Tim/Kon trio in particular is YJ to me. Maybe it’s my anger over their passing over the perfect opportunity to use Bart tinting my judgment, but I still stand by my comments.

        1. Xian

          It’s not “in name only”… it’s a functional description. On Earth-16 Young Justice is EXACTLY what they are… a Young Justice League. In the clip they’re all excited that “today’s the day [we get inducted into the League]”. It matches the plain meaning of the words, the in plot expectations, and all audience expectations barring those hung up on a specific historical run taking place on a different DCU Earth.

          When you have someone as great as Greg Weisman producing, I’d rather he be doing something closer to his passion like Gargoyles, than trying to do his best to adapt Peter David which just gives us the amalgam of two genius creators being compromised.

          There’s no lost opportunity, this is going to be one of the best and truest DCU series in years with 150 DC characters making appearances in the first 18 episodes.

          Don’t let bitterness over a name blind you to the qualities of what’s in front of us.

  2. Flash Bulletin

    Very Good! But in my country, Planeta De Agostini, which has exclusive rights to the publication of DC comics in Italy, interrupted for more than two years, the JSA.

  3. Kyer

    Another Barry statue? (going by the belt which looks solidly horizontal.)

    Hm…I am intrigued by the Batman The Brave & The Bold pic. Quite a bit, actually. Even though I just know that this is being done mainly to hype that TB reissue of Wonderland.

    Hey, I’m also still aggrieved over YJ for a multitude of reasons. Names are important. What if they decided to call the next Justice League the Justice Society? We get enough confusion with comic books as it is.

  4. kyer

    Now that I’ve more time to really look at it, brought up a large scan of that Batman & Flash cover pic:

    The Flash’s insignia is reversed. Does this mean that cityscape Batman is in is the mirror image or that the Flash is a mirror image meant to lure Batman into a mirror world?

    Half of the Flash’s belt is missing…or possibly askew. (Good thing that it isn’t really used to hold up his pants.)

    The Mad Hatter is pointing down as if giving an order, yet not actually particpating in holding Flash in or returning him into Wonderland. Neither is Mirror Master in the background.

    No matter which turn this takes, I’m eager to read it…but would be REALLY extra delighted if Wally is not OUR Wally but a mirror Wally created by the villains who goes awol and that Batman tries to help escape from Wonderland? How long could a mirror construct last outside of a mirrored universe? We saw them exist outside in a The Batman episode, but that wasn’t for terribly long…just part of a night.

    Sorry…damned zombie plot bunnies are nibbling at my bwain.


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