Flash Costumes at Dragon*Con 2010 – Part 2 (Image-Intensive!)

And the Dragon*Con costume photos continue! After the first set, here’s a round-up of more Flashes (and one other speedster) spotted on Flickr.


Stephen Lesnik caught the beginning of a Superman/Flash Race:


But wait, something’s missing. What else does every Superman/Flash race need?


That’s right: Deadpool! (OK, maybe not.)

Four Flashes prepare to race in this photo by Janna Bergstrom:



Chase Wirth spotted this Flash running around the floor:

DragonCon Sat .Jpg 593


Here are the Flash & Power Girl as spotted by The No.2 Fan.

Flash & Power Girl

Firestorm and the Flash hang out in this photo by foodbyfax.

Firestorm and the Flash

Or what about Justice League International as spotted by Jenn Skinner:


wiliqueen: Classic Heroes

Classic heroes

Flash, GL & Bizarro

The Flash, Green Lantern, and Bizarro




Here’s Thundercats‘ speedster Cheetara, updated slightly for the Internet age, as photographed by T. Bosky of Game Couch.


And let’s wrap this up with proof that the Flash is a Central City guy at heart. Here he is serving coffee, in another shot by Janna Bergstrom. You’ll notice he’s moving too fast to be seen clearly…

the Flash serves coffee

So, that wraps up this installment!

Question for readers: Do you prefer this style of gallery, with the large images, or the one with the smaller images that I’ve been using in the past for posts like the San Diego costume round-up? I’m torn, myself: On one hand, you can see a lot more with the large images, but the small images look…neater, I guess. And of course they load a lot faster. Which do you like better?


6 thoughts on “Flash Costumes at Dragon*Con 2010 – Part 2 (Image-Intensive!)

  1. kyer

    Serving the coffee or downing it?

    Wow. I look at these pictures (what was it Barry said about a Flash with five-o’clock shadow?) and I can’t help but think…
    God help us should Darkseid strike now.

  2. West

    Large. I think I know the Flash to the far left of the multi-Flash shot. Gonna buzz my bud, Tom, and see.

    Good stuff. Thanks.

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