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A few months ago Joey Forlini, the winner of Speed Force and Arrobasilver’s Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Contest emailed me about his plans to get some Flash ink. The tattoo is finally completed.

Have a look:

Pretty cool, eh? ย The tattoo took twelve hours altogether to finish and was done by Canadian tattoo artist, Vincent Rousseau. Talk about the ultimate tribute to The Fastest Man Alive. The art was based on one of Francis Manapul’s early sketches of The Flash:

I’m personally not a tattoo person, but if I were to ever get one it probably wouldn’t be something as large or as detailed as this. Just a custom, stylized version of The Flash symbol for the most part.

Do you or anyone you know have a Flash tattoo? If so drop me a line and a few pics at Devintheflashjohnson@yahoo.com and it could be featured on Speed Force in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for reading.

Keep it Flashy!

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


9 thoughts on “Flash Ink

  1. Joey Forlini

    Thanks Kelson, I might post some more pics when it’s completly healed, to see the really bright colors better.
    @Ken-o I say go for it man, if you really like it, if you’re sure about it, nothing should stop you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mike W.

    That is a sweet tattoo! I have the logo on my left arm and I have Wally on my right arm. The right arm logo is from the DCU Roleplaying main set character artwork I’ll send Devin a link to a pic sometime. Or just add it to my flickr account with the rest of the collection. But they do not stop there. I also have the cover art from issue #80. Not really proud of that one and it may get covered up some time. The one on my right arm is great looking though. Not nearly as nice as the one pictured above but it’s nice never the less.


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