Mark Waid’s Unwritten Kid Flash Time Travel Story

CBR has the transcript from Saturday’s 50 Questions in 50 Minutes With Mark Waid at Long Beach Comic Con. Among those questions was someone asking about a story the writer has hinted at for a long time: something disastrous happened the first time Wally West tried to travel through time as Kid Flash, something traumatic enough that it made him extremely reluctant to use the ability at all.

Waid decided to answer the question.

Possible spoilers in the event that he ever writes the full story.

I would like eventually to tell it. You know what? Here’s the story: I always wanted to tell the story of the moment Wally learns from Barry Allen he can travel through time. What I wanted to set up was a week before, one of his classmates is killed in a freak accident. So Wally seizes on this as an opportunity to go fix the past. So he goes back and he fails. And he goes back again and he fails. And he goes back again and he fails. And then you’ve got a bunch of different Kid Flashes running around, stumbling over each other to try and fix this. He finally realizes, “I can’t fix this.” There are some things you can’t change. He accepts that, but he hates time travel after that. If you’d like to read that someday, you don’t have to buy it anymore now that I’ve told you. [Audience laughs]

Be sure to check out the whole interview. Waid talks about a lot of his work at BOOM!, of course, since that’s what’s current, as well as other BOOM! Studios projects, but he also talks a lot about his work at DC Comics, since there’s so much of it.

I really should have asked about The Unknown.


6 thoughts on “Mark Waid’s Unwritten Kid Flash Time Travel Story

  1. Ken O

    It would have been a fantastic story. Seems similar to the Barbara Gordon issue of Booster Gold, which was probably the best issue I had read of the series.

  2. Javi Trujillo

    I’ve always wanted to read this story, but it seems slightly similar to Chain Lightning, where he learns he can’t take Barry’s place against the Anti-Monitor.

  3. Golddragon71

    It also reminds me of the 2002 Time Machine. You can’t go back in time to change the thing that made you want to go back in time.


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