Six Things You Might Not Know…

Please drop by Nerdage today and check out a guest post I wrote:

» Six Things You Might Not Know About the Flash.


8 thoughts on “Six Things You Might Not Know…

  1. Ken O

    Look at you! You were so worried about not having time for the site and you go writing guest articles for other sites! All kidding aside, very fun read.

  2. Dylan

    From Article: “Barry Allen’s original run lasted 30 years and nearly 250 issues. Wally West was the lead speedster for 23 years and 247 issues”

    Notice how when stating Barry’s issue count, it says “nearly 250,” to make it seem as if Barry was the Flash longer (by issue count) than Wally? Here are the real numbers:

    Barry: 26 Years, 245 Issues (Main Series)
    Wally: 22 Years, 249 Issues (247 + #) & #1,000,000)

    I guess you could say that Barry had been the Flash for 29 years and 249 issues if you count Showcase, but that’s not really fair when you’re comparing to just Wally’s main series.


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