Blue Lantern Barry Announced for DC Universe Classics

Right after DC Direct releases Blue Lantern Barry Allen for Wave 6 of their Blackest Night line of action figures, Mattel announces the release of Blue Lantern Barry in the upcoming Blackest Night-themed Wave 17 of the acclaimed DC Universe Classics Series:

Okay, I’m always excited for just about anything Flash, especially when it comes to action figures, and I hate to be ungrateful but do we really need another Barry in the DC Universe Classics Line so soon? Yes, I can understand the inclusion of the figure because 1) It’s cheaper to reuse a mold than to commission a new one, 2) Blackest Night is DC’s most successful comic event to date and I would be foolish to expect them not to try and cash in on it and 3) Barry is the main Flash again and DC is determined to avoid highlighting any other speedsters until Barry has been firmly established in every medium.  Still is it too much to ask for even a Zoom? I’m already kind of burnt out on Blue Lantern Barry (after the Heroclix and the aforementioned DC Direct version) and I can never get enough of Zoom. Although what I would really want is Wally or Jay.

I will say that the Blue Lantern uniforms are still very striking visually and despite my annoyance at essentially already owning three of the same figure (Wave 7, TRU Gold Repaint and Giants of Justice) and having to add yet another repaint to my DCUC collection, I still may pick this up. Funny how I complain yet still plan on purchasing it anyway.

As far as this one versus DC Direct’s version? I’m digging the glossy paint job on the DC Direct version a lot more, that and the overall sculpt is just more pleasing to me. Especially since I prefer to have less articulation in my figures. I will say that Mattel has done a great job at making the many points of articulation on their figures less noticeable but I still find them to be less appealing. I’m going to have fun comparing and contrasting them once I have the DCUC version as well.

DC Universe Classics Wave 17 will also feature Hal Jordan as a White and Black Lantern, Violet Lantern Wonder Woman, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, Indigo Lantern Atom, and Yellow Lantern Scarecrow. The Collect and Connect figure is going to be the modern version of the Anti-Monitor. A Red Lantern Mera was planned to be included but she was scrapped due to the cost of tooling another figure. There are plans to include her sometime down the road. The wave is planned for release in late Spring next year, just in time for my birthday.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson


10 thoughts on “Blue Lantern Barry Announced for DC Universe Classics

  1. Lia

    I just can’t believe there’s going to be ANOTHER Blue Lantern Barry (and other deputy Lanterns) already when we can’t get any freakin’ Rogues in DC Classics. I know Mattel said some are coming, but sheesh.

  2. Kyer

    I am NOT getting this. Dangitalldodingity, I waited A YEAR at my local store checking faithfully every day while employees opened brand new boxes when they got Wave 7 in…and never did I see a Kid Flash or Captain Cold. But boy, howdy were they ever getting in Barry, Hal, and Hawkgirl. Four months after I gave up and paid 3x$ at Amazon…I discovered DD had a better looking Wally. Now, just last week the store FINALLY GOT IN KID FLASH! That was far later than even BARRY’S rep for being late! So even if they announced production of a New Uniform Flash (Wally West) version tommorrow…so what. I’ve had it with Mattel and their shipping practices. Strictly DC Direct now. 🙁
    By the way, that poor store never did get in Captain Cold OR Wave anything higher than 8.

  3. Javi Trujillo

    Can’t wait to see side by side comparison picks of standard Barry and Blue lantern Barry and also DCD and Mattel Blue Lantern Barry. Add me to the chorus of those that just want a Zoom or an adult Wally, tho!

  4. Lee H

    The entire wave is the deputised Lanterns from Blackest Night (plus Hal Jordan), so of course Wally West, Jay Garrick and Zoom aren’t going to be included. It’s a silly complaint.

    1. Kelson

      What’s silly about complaining that the product you actually *want* doesn’t exist or can’t be found, while resources are instead going toward retreads of products that are already out?

      1. Lia

        Exactly. I could understand redoing these figures a year from now (although admittedly it wouldn’t be very timely then), but Blue Lantern Barry and Violet Wonder Woman came out just last week.

        I bought BlueBarry at a Boxing Day sale yesterday, for what it’s worth. And the Uniformz Zoom figure.

      2. Sandor_Clegane

        Lee H is quite right – this wave is a Blackest Night wave. Not a Flash wave. Complaining that there’s no Wally is just silly.

        If DC makes a wave of Flash figures, and has zero intent of ever making a Wally figure, or a Jay figure…that’d be something worth saying “What about a Wally figure?” about.

        1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

          I outright acknowledge that it was a silly thing to wish for so soon but that doesn’t mean I can’t voice my desires for something different. I’m sure you have different choices that you wish would be made before other characters.

          As for the Blackest Night Wave. Yes I’m burnt out on it but I can understand those who only exclusively collect DCUC wanting a Smurf Flash of their own. But it still bugs me that we’ve gotten three of the same action figure in what a year? Barry classic, Barry Toys R Us exclusive Gold, and now Blue Lantern Barry. That isn’t even mentioning the Giants of Justice Flash Toys R Us Exclusive which was the same mold with less articulation.

          Maybe I just need a break from Barry.

        2. Kelson

          Sandor, you are thinking too small. The issue is not, “Gee, I wish they’d release a Wally/Rogues/whatever figure in this particular wave.” It’s “I wish they’d release a Wally/Rogues/whatever figure *at all.*”

          1. Sandor_Clegane

            Because I can differentiate between a critique of an action figure and a want list I’m “thinking too small?” Wow.

            Seriously – I get wanting more Wally product, or whichever character is your favorite. It’s a 100% valid desire/complaint.

            But it’s not a valid criticism of an existing product. A comics comparison: A Barry fan wanting to read about Barry isn’t a valid criticism of Waid’s Flash run. Is it?


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