Comic Critics on the Origin of the Flash

The webcomic Comic Critics presents its take on Grant Morrison-style minimalist origin retellings of various super-heroes, including the Flash.

Head over to Comic Critics to read the conclusion (and the rest of the origins).

As for the Flash one: Harsh, but so, so true.


5 thoughts on “Comic Critics on the Origin of the Flash

  1. Sandor_Clegane

    Well, it’s not the Flash’s origin, but the ultimate, inevitable fate of Wally West.

    I’m not sure what the origin of Jay or Barry could be, in this style. Hmm….

    1. Kelson Post author

      I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long before someone showed up to demonstrate the attitude that makes the comic work. It all comes down to “Not the Flash…” even though for two decades, he was.

      1. Sandor_Clegane

        I don’t understand your issue. I was only pointing out that this origin was specific to Wally’s era as the Flash. It’s not applicable to Jay or Barry, and I wondered what their take on either of those characters would be.

        Keep in mind for most of my life Wally was the Flash, and for a long time Waid’s Flash was my favorite superhero comic. I also loved Johns later run, and Morrison’s too-rare usages of the Flash.

        And now that that era is over, I’m still a bit nostalgic for it. But I can still enjoy the new Flash stories with Barry, recognizing that he may always be the model version of the character, either directly or via inspiration.

        Nothing “wrong” with either approach in my book.

  2. kyer

    Oh crikes. But darn true. Whereas I’m not wholly displeased to be able to read about Barry, the major part of me is royally pissed that one of the greatest legacy stories has been for all intents nullified by his return to THE Flash-dom. Can only hope that at some point DC/GJ will address the issues between the two men. You know there’s got to be issues. I mean, Return of Barry Allen showed what a mess such a return could mean for Wally and…here’s the reality of it smacking him in the face for realsies this time.


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