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Can Jay Garrick Run 3000 Miles In Time?

The webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal presents the Flash with a challenge: Can he run 3,000 miles in order to catch someone tossed from the top of a building? Read on to find out…and to learn at what cost! (Keep in mind the comic’s twisted sense of nerd/geek humor.)

SMBC has joked about Superman & Batman a number of times before, but this is the first I can recall seeing him take on the Flash, And hey…bonus points for using the original!

The Six Stages of (not) Writing Comics Reviews

In case you’re wondering where my reviews of Flash #2 and Flash #3 are, this may shed some light…

  1. Wednesday: It’s new comic day! I can’t wait to read this week’s comics! I’ll just have to make sure I finish my review tonight or tomorrow so it’s among the first batch people see.
  2. Saturday: There are still some people who buy comics on the weekend, right? So a review is still timely.
  3. Tuesday: Crap, new comics will be out tomorrow! I’d better make sure I post that review tonight!
  4. Next Wednesday: Well, everyone’s going to be reading reviews of this week’s comics. So I guess I’ve got three weeks to review this one before the next one’s out.
  5. Three Tuesdays Later: Crap, the new issue is out tomorrow and I still haven’t reviewed this one! I’d better get cracking!
  6. Wednesday: Eh, forget it. No one wants to read a review of last month’s issue. But hey, it’s new comic day! I can’t wait to read this week’s comics! I’ll just have to make sure I finish my review tonight or tomorrow so it’s among the first batch people see….

Lather, rinse, repeat.

T-Shirt: Flash Drive (No Longer Available)

It’s been a while since we wrote about TeeFury, but they’ve got another Flash-themed shirt available for one day only.

The design by Wenceslao A Romero is only available until midnight EST, so if you want one, buy it today.

On a related note, while Mimobot has the current license for actual DC Comics-inspired flash drives, they’ve been sticking with the Batman and Green Lantern characters for now. You’d think someone over there would see the inherent appeal of a Flash flash drive.

Netflix Becomes…the Quickster!

Today, Netflix announced that they are separating the DVD and streaming businesses, and will be renaming the DVD-by-mail service as Qwikster, “because it refers to quick delivery.”

Qwikster…why does that sound familiar?

Ah, right…The Quickster, speedster alter-ego of Spongebob Squarepants and parody of the DC Comics’ Flash and Marvel Comics’ Quicksilver.

He looks a bit more like a VHS tape than a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, don’t you think?

Barry Allen: Player

One of many pieces of Flash news from Comic-Con that just didn’t sit right with me was the news that Barry Allen and Iris West were being retroactively split up for the New 52, and that Barry would be “playing the field.”

Really? This is the guy who, after Iris’ untimely death, when he finally forced himself to move out of the house where he lived with his late wife and try to get on with his life, promptly fell for the new girl next door. The idea of him dating someone else isn’t preposterous, but a player? That seems a little far-fe—

Oh, wait. Never mind.

(Seriously, though, this is one of the things that bugs me, because in my opinion, the Barry/Iris relationship should be central to the character(s). It might bother me less if DC wasn’t undoing the Lois/Clark marriage at the same time. I still haven’t decided whether to actually put together a post listing all the announced elements I do and don’t like and why.)