Flashpoint Day at The Source

Throughout the day, DC Comics is posting teasers for Flashpoint, this year’s Flash-centric “event” at The Source. The heading: “Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Heroes?”

So far we have:

It looks like someone — most likely the Reverse-Flash — is systematically altering history to prevent the origins of DC’S heroes. It’s a concept we’ve seen before. My first thought was of a JLI story from the early 1990s, but CraigRMacDonald pointed out on Twitter that it’s also the premise of the first year of Booster Gold. Of course, when you distill it down to such basic elements, just about any story has been told before, and it becomes all about the details and execution.

I’ll be updating this post with links to the new teasers when I have time, or you can keep an eye directly on The Source.

Or, for fun, you can play around with #FakeFlashpointTeasers on Twitter. [Edit: Fixed the link. IMO the biggest problem with new Twitter is the fragile link structure.]

The 5-issue(?) Flashpoint miniseries is being written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert.

Update: I linked to this the other day on Twitter, Facebook and Buzz, but for those who haven’t seen it, here’s a detailed analysis of what we know so far about Flashpoint at Inside Pulse.


7 thoughts on “Flashpoint Day at The Source

  1. Aleclom

    My guesses in order: Abin Sur (no Green Lantern), Bruce Wayne (parents still alive?), Martian Manhunter (now a villain?), another possible Green Lantern reference, Hippolyta and someone from America (so Wonder Woman has no reason to ever come over here).

    I’m excited for this!

  2. Brett

    A lot of these could go different directions i.e ring being a flash ring and Barry having the wrong costume…but most likely:

    Spaceship: Superman
    Casino: Batman (no bat legacy…that leaves out so many heroes!)
    Experiment: J’onn Jonzz…I’m guessing that guy who brought him here on accident doesn’t die and instead does tests…
    Ring: Hal Jordan
    Marriage: Hippolyta=no WW…I also think this one could be about Barry though…

    So that leaves these big names out of the Flash point central team…enter Booster Gold…

  3. Michael

    This plotline actually reminds me of an old “Challenge of the Superfriends” cartoon episode called “Secret Origins of the Superfriends” where the Legion of Doom goes back in time to prevent Superman, Wonder Woman and GL from coming to Earth/America and/or getting their powers.

  4. Jesse

    Also similar to Planetary, in which the government / bad guys intercept superman, green lantern, etc – if I remember correctly.


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