Rumor: Will Flashpoint Retitle Everything?

This is pure speculation, but it’s an interesting one. Bleeding Cool reports that DC Comics’ upcoming Flashpoint event will rename and renumber DCU titles all across the line, much as Marvel’s Age of Apocalypse retitled all of their X-Men titles for the duration of that alternate reality story.

Basically, that DC will change their publishing lineup to reflect the changes that (presumably) the Reverse-Flash makes in DCU history.

If they do it right, I think this could be fun. It reminds me of DC One Million, in which every DCU title jumped forward to issue #1,000,000 and either told a story about a future version of the lead character/team, or told a story about the character in the future (to varying degrees of success). The Armageddon 2001 and Legends of the Dead Earth annuals were similar (though A2001, IMO, was a more successful event), or perhaps the two”>Tangent Comics events in which DC released nine books as if they were first issues of new series detailing an alternate universe.

I guess the best comparison for a DC reader would be the Amalgam comics that took over a month on the DC & Marvel publishing schedules during the Marvel vs. DC event and its sequels: comics like Speed Demon, or the Uncanny X-Patrol, or Doctor Strangefate. Each was treated as a first issue of an ongoing, often with references to previous series featuring the characters.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor: DC might not be planning this at all, or they might be planning a few miniseries to run alongside the regular monthly books like they did with Blackest Night, or they might be planning a single month like the resurrected titles last year.


3 thoughts on “Rumor: Will Flashpoint Retitle Everything?

  1. Lia

    I have a fondness for Tangent’s Flash, since we share the same first name 😉 I didn’t even read any DC when the first Tangent comics came out, but my friends bought the Flash issue for me.

    If the titles are renamed, I hope they’re named after villains or something similar.

  2. Married Guy

    I think that’d be great.
    The Tangent stuff was a lot of fun, and so was the Amalgam stuff.

    I’d probably buy more titles that month just out of curiosity.

  3. Imitorar

    I’m extremely skeptical of this. I’ve seen Bleeding Cool end up wrong plenty of times before, and I doubt DC would do something this big. Not now, when they’re finally getting a coherent direction for their universe. On the other hand, I could maybe see it as part of an effort to shape that universe, so we’ll see. Until Flashpoint comes out or we get confirmation from a more reliable or open source, I’m doubting this.


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