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  • The study that linked vaccines and autism was more than just wrong (as countless studies have shown over the past decade). It was outright fraud. Please vaccinate your children to protect them and their classmates from preventable diseases.


8 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Hyperion

    The study that linked vaccines and autism was more than just wrong (as countless studies have shown over the past decade). It was outright fraud.

    I don’t even know how people believe this in the first place, because IIRC autism is genetic (henceforth, you’re born with it anyway, and vaccination isn’t going to change anything).

  2. kyer

    The flash drives and Mighty Beans look ridiculous and stupid and I want one each of the Flashes so help me God.

    Got to agree on some of the New Readers stuff. I love the Green Lantern concepts from Alan Scott to Blackest Night and beyond. Only thing stopping me from purchasing anything much past the Silver Age is the gore content like eyeballs exploding out of skulls and such. (That actually goes for all the comics line.) See, I hate gore. I like my stomach contents where they are. Always have and always will. Not even my love of Wally will overpower my abhorrence to gore (thankfully not yet an issue other than Blackest Night: Flash, the only Flash book so far that I have not one iota of interest in reading.)

    I also realize that I’m probably a minority in that regards if the success of BN and Shawn of the Dead are any indication. So be it: let the marketplace rule.

    Unfortunately, that leaves me and my kin with nothing other than the kiddie books to safely pick up without feeling the need to be ‘behind the couch’ while doing so. Or have to return a book that proved to be too much. (terribly embarrassing that.)

    I want to read Deadpool because of his humor, but know better thanks to certain sites.
    I want to try Booster Gold…but do I dare?
    Most of all, I want to be able to go to my local discount store that’s 1/4 a mile away rather than beg for a ride 10 miles away to the only comic book store…where I’d have to brave grotesque comic book covers featuring mutilated body parts…and the disapproving eyes of my ride.

    The iPad/Comics was an eye opener. I’d seriously started to consider this route even if it would take days to download one issue on dialup. It would be *something*. So much for that. $3 a pop is a bit steep of a risk and I doubt they’d take a return if the material turned out to be too much over PG-13 for me.

    So I remain a New/Flash TB reader and DCAU viewer only even though I would have liked to have been much more.

    No Wonder Woman? Do they not realize that about the only super hero tv show on right now are reruns of Adam West’s Batman complete with the Batusi? Something GOOD is needed to counteract that and as soon as possible!

  3. kyer

    Finally! Third time charm getting my browser to show that Checklist. So naturally, I placed Wally West up there and started ticking away.

    Um…kind of.

    1. Insanely Wealthy: Yea..eh..no…er…maybe? He was rich twice with bouts of poverty in-between. Kind of like Donald Trump. Latest I heard he was back to collecting food stamps. Half point.

    2. Excuse for Self Pity. I dunno that Wally exactly had an excuse, but he did enjoy the odd pity party now and then. Return of Barry Allen comes to mind and that was a doozy. He not only had a dead relation, he had that relation supposedly come back and kick him in the gonads. Can Bruce Wayne claim this? 🙂 Score a point! Heck, 1.5 points!

    3. Devoted Sidekicks. Despite the fact that Bart actually stood up for Wally in Flash: Rebirth…eh..no. I think if anyone ever referred to Jessie as having been his sidekick for even one day the Black Flash would be the least of their problems. Minus a point. Minus three if Jessie is in that time of the financial review.

    Moving on…

    4. Cool Gadgets: I think the Flash Ring is pretty darn cool even if it is crazy to expect those ear decors and boots to fit in there without some sort of magic involved. The DCAU Flashmobile would habe been considered cool if he traveled back into the Disco era? No? Right. Half point for the Cracker Jack ring.

    5. Marked for Greatness. If being struck by lightning or that cut into his chest by the nutcase doesn’t count I’m eating my Flash plushie. 🙂 Score a point!

    6. Superhuman Powers. Ya think? Yes, baby! We are on a roll at last! 🙂 Score a point!

    7. Not Tied Down. Well, that was Robin’s thing with the various bad guys and… Oh. Anyway, still a score because nobody roams the planet like a Flash. 🙂 Score a point!

    Why the heck isn’t Flash on this chart list anyway?!

    8. Gets Laid. Even if that dream sequence in #50 didn’t count, our boy has this one owned in platinum both before and after his marriage to Linda! He even has proof in the form of two rug rats. Need I even mention: Score! ;P

    (I ask again..why isn’t Flash on that list? He’s beating the metal plates off of Wall-E. Maybe that was a typo and they meant Wally?)

    9. Becomes A God Or King: I refer any skeptics to the Wally World issue where Wally was both god and king being tortured by beautiful women offering free pedicures. 🙂 Score!

    In summary: Flash makes for dang fine escapism.

  4. Lia

    There are a whole bunch of Rogues-related items out around now, but it’s almost all of Captains Cold and Boomerang.

    Brightest Day Heroclix Boomerang
    Retro-Action Captain Cold doll
    Action League Boomerang figure
    Mighty Beanz Cold and Boomerang
    and all those kids’ Flash novels supposedly being published this month.

    And yep, I’m trying to get ’em all 😉

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

      Same. For some reason it has been tougher to keep up with all the new stuff purchase wise. I blame Christmas and crappy circulation.

      1. Lia

        It’s even harder in Canada because we have to import a lot of this stuff, or gamble that it may or may not get here. Fortunately I have American friends willing to ship stuff to me 🙂


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