Who is the Luckiest Flash Fan Alive? Joey Forlini Just Might Be…

Okay, maybe calling him the “Luckiest Flash Fan Alive” is pushing it, but there is no denying that Joey Forlini has won some flashtastic stuff. As a matter of fact Joey was the winner of Speed Force’s very first contest and now has received a personalized Francis Manapul sketch book, courtesy of the ‘Man himself.

About three months ago current Flash artist, Francis Manapul held a contest on his twitter account asking fans a trivia question; What was the first comic his work was published in?

Joey answered correctly with Love In Tights, a quarterly comic book anthology published through independent comic publisher, Slave Labor Graphics. The comic was an effort to bridge the gap between superhero and romance comics, providing the best of both worlds and giving experienced veterans and young creators alike a chance to showcase their talents.

Francis’ pencils were featured in Love In Tights #1 in the short story titled While You Were Sleeping written by fellow Filipino-Canadian and sometime collaborator, J. Torres:

While You Were Sleeping is described as “A tale of heroic obsession and the consequence of daydreaming”. Deep.

Joey was rewarded with Manapul’s sketchbook:

Which included an exclusive Barry Allen sketch:

Pretty cool, right?

I have a feeling we will be hearing from Joey again real soon.

As always, thanks for reading,

-Devin “Flash” Johnson


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