Flash #10 Cover Revised

Over at The Source, DC unveiled five new covers, mostly variants, plus the main cover for The Flash #10. Not surprisingly, it’s the Francis Manapul piece originally scheduled for Flash #9 before they moved up the theme cover originally planned for #10.

DC posted Yildiray Cinar’s Flash #10 variant earlier this month. The issue is currently scheduled for March 23.


8 thoughts on “Flash #10 Cover Revised

  1. Perplexio

    Wait DC are actually going to utilize Wally and Bart? Someone at DC actually remembered there were other speedsters besides Barry and plans on dusting them off and using them again?

    1. Kelson Post author

      FWIW, Bart’s back in Teen Titans and Jay’s never left Justice Society of America.

      Wally…I still get the impression that DC is hoping we’ll forget about him and just pretend that 1986-2008 never happened.

      1. kyer

        I’ve ranted about this elsewhere…they’d be ecstatic if we only think of Wally West being Kidflash (for the purpose of Young Justice toy/dvd sales as his name is more recognizable than Bart’s thanks to Justice League. It’s why I love Barry, but not the new Barry-Is-The-ONLY-Flash-Worthy-Of-The-Name mentality at DC.

      2. Lee H

        I’m going to give them the benefit of doubt simply because it would’ve been the easiest thing in the world for them to just de-power him or kill him off. They also went to the trouble of bringing back Max Mercury and making Irey the new Impulse, and they haven’t done anything with those two yet either. Geoff Johns writes with long term goals in mind, so I’m sure they’ll all play a part eventually.

        1. Kelson Post author

          DC used up the last of the benefit of my doubt more than a year ago, and it hasn’t had time to re-generate yet. They may have plans, but I won’t count on them following through on them until I hold the comic in my hands.

  2. Perplexio

    I’m hoping Wally has more of a presence in the Speed Force team title that’s still (I believe) tentatively supposed to start next year. I’m hoping that if they do eventually introduce a Kid Flash title they do a sub-feature with Irey as Impulse and Jesse Quick as her mentor. There’s still a lot of story potential with Wally and his family– especially with a de-powered Jai West. And I’m still crossing my fingers that the real reason Captain Boomerang released Prof. Zoom was because he’s hoping Prof. Zoom will undo Owen’s death. Owen does have Thawne blood in him after all and there’s so much story potential for Owen. I’m hoping that the only reason Owen got killed off in BN was to create a reason for Captain Boomerang to help Prof. Zoom escape.

  3. mela

    so they brought Barry back BFD. look it could be a whole lot worse. Marvel’s ENTIRE staff of writers is full of hacks and some of the best DC writers/artists are doing crap work over there right now. Be happy (if you are that is) with what you got while it lasts.


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