Speed Reading: Flashpoint Speculation

A couple of quick links here…

Comics Nexus considers possibilities for Flashpont’s lasting impact. Even if the timeline is restored completely, something is likely to stick around, like the resurrected characters from Blackest Night in Brightest Day. The site also wonders about the connection to Prime Hunter in Superboy.

Bleeding Cool has picked up two possible titles for the fifteenth Flashpoint miniseries. Potential spoilers if one of them is right. Update: One of the two titles has shown up in a Marvel Comics teaser, so it seems unlikely.


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Flashpoint Speculation

  1. John Babos

    I saw the Marvel teaser for Mystery Men, but I didn’t see a TM or (c) so I wonder if DC can still use the name. I think bothe companies have used it inside their books.

    1. Kelson Post author

      It’s a pretty old and generic term, so I doubt anything would stop both companies from using it as a title (never mind the movie from the 1990s), but I figure it could be that the name showed up on Bleeding Cool’s radar *because* of Marvel’s plans.


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