Fourth Round of DC Universe Classics Fan Bracket at AFI

The DC Universe Classic Fan Bracket from Action Figure Insider continues with the Fourth Round of voting. The bracket has been ongoing since last year and this round is full of tough choices.

Characters of interest to Flash Fans:

The Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick faces off against Liberty Belle II (Jesse Quick). Jay holds a solid lead of 331 to 160 over Jesse last I checked.  I personally went with Jesse Quick since I know Jay is going to be in the pipeline sooner than later. We need more female action figures!


A man who has squared off against all three current Flashes, Vandal Savage is also in the running up against Count Vertigo and winning by a large margin. 303 votes to Vertigo’s 180. I was pretty excited when they announced the JLU Vandal Savage action figure at Toy Fair 2011 a few weeks ago and would love to add another to my collection soon. Vandal Savage was Wally’s first real arch-nemesis as The Flash and I loved the stories. Great stuff from Mike Baron and William Messner-Loebs.


The last pairing may be another difficult one for fans as Psycho Pirate, the man who held Barry Allen captive for the Anti-Monitor is up against one of the three villains responsible for the disappearance of Keystone City and later Jack Knight ally, The Shade. I fell in love with The Shade while reading James Robinson’s Starman and he became even cooler when I found out he was one of the classic Golden Age Flash villains. I have to side with The Shade. He is barely edging out Psycho Pirate though. Shade has 255 while Mr. Hayden has 231.

Now the final results of the bracket will be sent into Mattel to let them know exactly what fans want so make your voice heard.

I looked around and didn’t see an ending time, but it is late so I could have just missed it. In any case go and Vote Now!

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Thanks for reading and Happy Voting.

Have a Flashy Friday!

Devin “Flash” Johnson


2 thoughts on “Fourth Round of DC Universe Classics Fan Bracket at AFI

  1. Lia

    I would love a modern Shade — he always seems to be depicted in his classic look in action figures and TV, and while that’s nice, his modern look is so much cooler.

    That said, I’d like a Psycho-Pirate too…can’t we have both?


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