Cover: Heat Wave in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom

Heat Wave may have been missing from the Citizen Cold cover, but the Rogue is not missing from Flashpoint. In an interesting counterpoint, both of them are facing a group of hands at the bottom of the cover. Heat Wave seems to have dealt with them a bit differently…

DC announced this title today as part of their gigantic Flashpoint Friday. It’s not clear yet whether this is the 15th miniseries or one of the one-shots (since they also announced Flashpoint: Hal Jordan), or whether DC replaced one of the previously-announced miniseries.


7 thoughts on “Cover: Heat Wave in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom

  1. Lia

    Ever since @RobinCook at Twitter remarked that Heat Wave looks feminine, I haven’t been able to shake the idea. What if it’s a woman in his costume?

    If it’s not a woman, Flashpoint-Mick would look great in a dress :>

  2. Kyer

    Well, crud. You didn’t post a link for yesterday’s That F’ing Monkey and I had to go surfing for it myself.
    Note that he’s got pictures of one evil looking Barry toy. I mean, seriously…Barry’s expression is like what you’d think would be on a Reverse Flash toy.

    Oh, and check out the Green Lantern movie lantern prop for sale. It’s kind of growing on me. Thank god I don’t have enough money for it.


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