“Seeing” Blue: TV’s Cobalt Blue Prototype

When it comes to the 1990 Flash TV series, true Cobalt Blue fans usually list the “Twin Streaks” episode at the top of their playlist.

Predating Blue’s first appearance by eight years, “Twin Streaks” introduced Pollux, a clone of the Flash created from a sample of his blood.

Grown in a lab, Pollux was a prototype for what his creators hoped would be a line of super-soldiers.  He also held some of the traits that would become associated with the Cobalt Blue character.  While Rogues like Captain Cold, Trickster and Mirror Master appeared in modified versions of their comic book counterparts, Pollux mixed “reverse Flash” with evil-clone/twin and was driven by jealous rage.

While it would be a stretch to suggest that Pollux inspired writers Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn when creating Cobalt Blue, the raging jealousy and evil-twinness are something that both characters hold in common.  Upon reaching a certain level of self-awareness, Pollux set out to annex aspects of Barry’s life, real and percieved, leading up to a super-speed showdown at the lab where he was weaned.

Pollux hit close to home for a lot of CB fans, and even inspired this loving tribute.

For more information on Pollux (TV’s Cobalt Blue!), check out this bio, and a review of the episode (from Crimson Lightning).


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