This Week: Flash #10

This week sees the long-awaited release of The Flash #10, the second part of “Road to Flashpoint!”

Written by Geoff Johns; Art and cover by Fransic Manapul; 1:10 Variant cover by Yildiray Cinar.

The prelude to summer’s FLASHPOINT event continues! The new speedster known as Hot Pursuit has arrived on his Cosmic Motorcycle, but what terrible warning has he brought with him? The FLASHPOINT is closing in, and it looks like no one will be safe!

DC Universe – 32pg. – $2.99 US

Update: As Wayne points out, DC has released a 4-page preview of the issue including the final covers. The Yildiray Cinar alternate cover has been replaced with one by Ed Benes.

Also this week: the PVC “Ame-Comi” figurine featuring Jesse Quick as the Flash:


9 thoughts on “This Week: Flash #10

    1. Wayne Lippa

      Apparently he’s not in the issue, despite what’s on the cover. DC really seems to be baiting the Wally fans, intentionally or not.

      1. Kelson Post author

        …again: Oh, good grief.

        Admittedly, this cover was originally intended for Flash #9, which did include Wally…in a couple of panels at a family picnic.

        1. Penny Dreadful

          Why is DC doing this? What’s with the baiting? Do they really think they’ll win more readers as a result?

          The constant baiting and faking out (in Flash and elsewhere) has got to stop. It’s not shocking anymore, just annoying and disrespectful.

        2. Kyer

          #9 had Wally? Oh, you mean the teensy tiny panel with a vaguely humanoid figure in the background and then the small one with Wally in mid scene asking where Barry was while his kid was in need of some father/son discussion? THAT #9?

          I’m going to continue to read what you put in this site because I truly love this site, but honestly…I’m not expecting to find any new enjoyment at DC after today. I have one statue still on preorder and that’s paid for or I’d cancel, but it’s the last thing I’m buying of anything DC that DOESN’T have Wally in it front and center.

  1. Eyz

    Alright…I’m pleasantly surprised to say that this Ame-Comi figurine isn’t awfully degrading and silly like most of the previous ones.

    It actually looks nice!

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