Retro-Active: The Flash 1970s – Creative Team & Release Date

DC has started announcing the full writer/artist teams for the Retro-Active event announced at WonderCon. First up for The Flash: The 1970s.


Artist Benito Gallego teams up with writer Cary Bates to tell the tale of an evil attack from one of The Flash’s greatest nemeses, Gorilla Grodd. With a plan so twisted and evil launched against him, Barry must not only work to preserve his legacy, but his relationship with his wife, Iris.

ONE-SHOT • On sale JULY 20 • 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

As explained in the Superman announcement, each book will feature a 20-page new story and a 26-page classic story by the same writer.

Update: I just noticed that this is scheduled for the same week as the Showcase Presents collection of Cary Bates’ bronze-age Flash epic, The Trial of the Flash. Now there’s timing!

Update 2: The wording of DC’s solicitation text is slightly different:

In a new tale from classic 1970s writer Cary Bates, Gorilla Grodd unleashes his most ruthless attack yet against his nemesis, The Flash – a plan for revenge so warped and diabolical, it dooms The Scarlet Speedster to a slow and agonizing fate that will end his heroic career and cause an unspeakable rift between Barry and his wife, Iris!

Plus: Following the 26-page lead story is a classic tale originally published in the ’70s, also written by Cary Bates!


10 thoughts on “Retro-Active: The Flash 1970s – Creative Team & Release Date

  1. Wayne Lippa

    Wonder if they will also eventually announce what the reprint stories will be in each case?

    1. Kelson Post author

      Maybe with the regular solicitations? If not, I’d guess we won’t know until the previews the week before.

      1. Wayne Lippa

        Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, although I’d like it if they announced the reprint stories sooner.

      2. Wayne Lippa

        The July solicitations are up on Comic Book Resources, and after the description of the story all it says is: “Plus: Following the 26-page lead story is a classic tale originally published in the ’70s, also written by Cary Bates!” No mention of what classic tale it will be.

    1. Devin

      Same. I don’t understand the crazy amounts of love for Grodd in the DCU. I can dig the character but sheesh I have like 11 different versions of a Gorilla on my shelf. Of course I’m talking about collectibles.

      1. Lia

        Yeah, Grodd doesn’t interest me much. He’s okay, but the obsession with apes and monkeys in comics is just…odd.

        It’d be awesome if you had a real gorilla…awesome, but messy.

        1. kyer

          Ditto. Grodd probably is my least favorite Flash villain. If it had to be an animal antagonist, I’d rather see Barry up against a mandate by Superman to give an unwilling Krypto a dog bath.

          Now that would be a fun read. ;P

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