Flash Costume Photos From Wondercon, C2E2 (2011)

All reports are that this year’s WonderCon was a great convention, and a lot of fun, though crowds are beginning to become an issue. I had to miss it this year, but one of the great things about the Internet and social media is that you can still capture some of the experience of going to a con without leaving your home.

So, here’s a round-up of the Flash-related costume/cosplay photos I’ve found on Flickr from WonderCon and C2E2.

Flash & GL

Green Lantern/Flash

Psykitten Pow as the Flash and Mia Ballistic as Green Lantern at WonderCon (previously seen in this costume at San Diego 2010), photo by LynxPics. They were part of a much bigger group, which is up next after the cut.

Gender-swapped Justice League

Gender-Swapped Justice League by United World, photo by LynxPics

The full, incredible group, as presented by United Underworld. Again, photo by LynxPics. Amber’s Fashion Tips for Super-Heroes has a write-up and list of the participants.

The Flash

The Flash byuncle_shoggoth

Photo by uncle_shoggoth.

White Lanterns

There were quite a few White Lanterns at Wondercon, including…

White Lantern Flash

White Lantern Flash cosplay - photo by Sargonas

Photo by Sargonas

White Lantern Captain Boomerang

White Lantern Captain Boomerang

White Lantern Captain Boomerang
Photos by Earthdog.

Green Arrow, Hawkgirl and Kid Flash

White Arrow, White Hawkgirl, White Lantern

Photo by uncle_shoggoth.

Off the Shelf

C2E2 mainly picked up people wearing off-the-shelf costumes.

Flash and Supergirl

C2E2 - Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo - March 19, 2011

Photo by Mikey Brick.

Lady Flash


Photo by Anime Nut.

Oh, and One More Thing…


And finally, back to Wondercon for Psykitten as the Flash…and a fan. I had to include this one, just for fun! Photo by Roxana Meta.


5 thoughts on “Flash Costume Photos From Wondercon, C2E2 (2011)

      1. Psykitten Pow

        Thanks, Devin! I sort of made the costume, with a lot of help from fellow cosplayer Mia Ballistic. I certainly didn’t make the unitard or boots from scratch! 🙂

        No mask on the last picture because I was lazy that day and didn’t want to bother stuffing all that hair into the mask and hood! 😀


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