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Results: Favorite Flash Stories of 2011

The results are in! Here are readers’ favorite Flash stories from 2011, as voted on at twtpoll:

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato’s current New 52 storyline, “Mob Rule,” is the clear winner, with Flashpoint taking a solid second-place spot and the DC Retroactive: The Flash 1980s special a respectable third. the 1990s Retroactive book and Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost round out the top 5, with the rest of the stories — including the second half of the Geoff Johns’ run on the regular series — barely represented at all.

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Interview: Greg LaRocque, Part III – Retroactive Postgame, a Lost Flash Spinoff and Bettie Page!

Longtime Flash artist Greg LaRocque needs little introduction for readers of this site.  Hot on the heels of his return to the character in DC Retroactive: The Flash – The ’80s, we caught up with the man once again to talk about the story, his past and future work, as well as the apparent fate of Wally West.

This is the third Speed Force interview with Mr. LaRocque.  We’ve previously discussed “The Return of Barry Allen” and previewed the Retroactive issue with him.  Part three is after the jump!

UPDATE:  Added some comments from LaRocque, which were originally made in response to the Speed Force review of the issue.

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This Week: DC Retroactive: The Flash 1990s & Legion of Doom #3 (With Previews)

Two Flash-related comics are out this week: DC Retroactive: The Flash 1990s and Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3.

DC Retroactive: The Flash 1990s

Art and cover by MIKE BOWDEN

During the ’90s, Wally West took the title “The Fastest Man Alive” to a whole new level. Join the the writer who turned the sidekick into a hero in his own right for another race against evil, along with a classic tale from that decade.

ONE-SHOT • On sale AUGUST 17 • 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

Newsarama has a set of DC Retroactive Previews including The Flash ’90s, which starts on page 6.

Be sure to catch our exclusive interview with Brian Augustyn about the special and his long-term collaboration with Mark Waid on The Flash.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3

In this final issue of FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM, Heatwave has escaped his prison and is dead-set on getting his revenge against Cyborg. But first, he plans on burning the city of Detroit to the ground to send his nemesis a warning. Will Cyborg be able to stop Heatwave before thousands of innocent lives are lost?

FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM #3, in stores on Wednesday, is written by Adam Glass and features art by Rodney Buchemi and Jose Marzan Jr.

The Source has a preview.

Interview: Brian Augustyn on DC Retroactive: The Flash – The ’90s

This week, former Flash editor and writer Brian Augustyn will return to the character he built for over a decade.

From 1989 – 1996, Augustyn was the editor on highly regarded runs by writers William Messner-Loebs and Mark Waid, including the landmark issue #50, “Born to Run,” “The Return of Barry Allen” and “Terminal Velocity.”  In 1996, with issue #118, Augustyn joined Waid as co-writer.  Save for a year-long break over 1997 – 1998, he would remain on the title until issue #162 (2000).

Augustyn will be joined by artist Mike Bowden on this week’s Retroactive installment.  We reached the writer via email and asked about the new issue, his Flash run and the fate of Wally West.

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Preview of DC Retroactive: The Flash 1980s

DC has posted a preview of the DC Retroactive Flash: 1980s, arriving in stores on Wednesday.

Central City is filled with villains cleverly trying to stay under the radar of The Flash. So then why is one of them doing everything in her power to attract his attention? And when an obsessed fan gets out of hand, Wally West must follow an unlikely trail of victims to his latest challenge: a gallery of his most notorious Rogues.

What becomes of this super-fan will shock you in an all-new story from writer William Messner-Loebs and art by Greg Larocque. DC RETROACTIVE: THE FLASH-THE 80s also includes a 22-page classic story originally published in the ’80s by Messner-Loebs, Larocque and Tim Dizon. Pick up this one-shot in stores on Wednesday.

Review: DC Retroactive, The Flash – The 70s

It has been over 25 years since Cary Bates’ last Flash story was published in Flash #350, but his DC Retroactive: 1970s issue shows he hasn’t forgotten how to have fun with the Scarlet Speedster.

Opening with a page that would have been right at home in any Julius Schwartz-edited Flash magazine, Bates crafts a story that recalls his many years as writer on the book, while also addressing a lingering question regarding Barry Allen’s relationship with his wife Iris.  The pitch-perfect plot and dialog give this book a place in the story of the Allens’ marriage.  It could easily be slotted at any point during the early-to-mid 70s and would not feel out of place in terms of narrative.

The artwork by Benito Gallego and the legendary Sal Buscema is great, and more than appropriate for this story.  Based on the cover pencils, Buscema’s inks are a comfortable compliment to Gallego’s style.  It took me a few minutes, but Gallego’s Flash and Barry Allen portrayals are occasionally reminiscent of Joe Kubert’s late-60s Flash covers.  It is also easy to picture this story illustrated by the late, great Irv Novick, especially considering the pacing and structure of Bates’ plot.

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