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General comics stuff…

  • Comics in Crisis: 6 Annoying Things About Comics
  • CSBG has been extending their Top 50 Comics Writers to the top 125 from the same poll. The extended list now includes Flash writers William Messner-Loebs, Mike Baron and Robert Kanigher in the top 125, with Mark Waid at #12 and Geoff Johns at #10.
  • Also, lots of Flash artists on this extended Top 50 Comic Artists list at CSBG. Mike Wieringo, Ethan Van Sciver, Salvador Larocca made the top 125, with Francis Manapul at #48, Golden-Age Flash artist Joe Kubert at #36, and cover artist Brian Bolland at #22.
  • WonderCon: The Art of the Cover at CBR
  • CSBG asks you to name bad stories in the middle of great creator runs.
  • The Gutters has a great mash-up of comics and video games: Angry Birds of Prey. (Then they ruin the joke with a blog entry that makes as much sense as someone complaining about Superman’s yellow costume.)
  • Mini site update! Back in 2009 I wrote about three miniseries I was reading that had stalled with one issue left. Last week I finally crossed The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles off the list.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    Hey, Devin…I we both turned another year more decrepit yesterday? My condolences. 🙂

    Dear God yes…the Imaginext toy from Target is great. Maybe the belt thing is from when Wally caught Barry with his belt yesterday, tried to wrestle it back and it broke in half?

    Ha! I was just talking to someone last month about superhero capes and where in the world do they stash stuff like that? Clark would step into a phone booth, rip off his shirt, take off his glasses, and voila!…Man of Steel with huge flowing cape. Maybe Clark had a fanny pack back there for it? Although that still doesn’t explain the garish boots. Is there such a thing as tear-away fake shoes?


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