Flashpoint Hints: Grodd & Citizen Cold

DC posted more of its Flashpoint writers Q&A on Friday, including Citizen Cold writer/artist Scott Kolins and Grodd of War writer Sean Ryan.

Ryan says of Grodd of War:

Since my one-shot is about one of Flash’s greatest villains, Grodd, the conflict is what does Grodd do without his archenemy. He gets everything he’s ever wanted, but there’s no more challenges in his life. He’s got everything he wants, but he’s miserable.

When asked about his favorite Flashpoint character and a “surprise” character who “will have fans talking,” Kolins says:

I am having so much fun with Cold. Geoff and I have talked many times about how great it would be for Cold to have his own monthly series. Surprise character? Flash fans will be very interested in a mysterious masked character who plays a crucial part in the story.

As for personal stories, “It doesn’t get more personal than CITIZEN COLD. Can a hero with a bad secret fall in love?”

Check out part one, part two and part three from last week, including Scott Kolins’ Flashpoint Rogues, and go onto part four of the interview.


5 thoughts on “Flashpoint Hints: Grodd & Citizen Cold

  1. awkwardpenguin

    It would be funny if in that universe wally fell in love with the “hero” captain cold and became kid cold!

  2. Zortt1

    Longtime lurker, first time poster, and full time Flash fan.

    I must say, when I met Geoff Johns a year ago at the first C2E2 while he was signing Flash related comics for me we got talking about his Rogue Profile books from the first run and then I looked at him straight in the face and said, “I would buy the crap out of a comic that had nothing but The Rogues in it.” He laughed and smiled and said, “Well that’s an idea.”

    So when I heard that Citizen Cold was coming and now with what Kolins said, I can’t help but wonder if it was that little conversation that maybe started the ball rolling on this Citizen Cold comic. Probably not, but I like to think so. 🙂

  3. Realitätsprüfung

    Zortt1 – Geoff Johns has opined for years that he’d like to write a monthly rogues series.

    In fact there was an article (either Wizard or CBR) a few years ago that discussed the commercial viability of a rogue book, given the generally-short lifespan of villain-based books. I recall Johns being confident he could make a rogue book last long term.

    1. Zortt1

      Well, I hope then by me showing my fan support for a comic like that helped him keep banging the drum for a monthly rogues comic.

    2. Perplexio

      A few rogues I think could support an ongoing– Boomerang (Owen Mercer, but he’d of course have to be resurrected first), Captain Cold, and for non-flash Red Hood.

      Deathstroke had a 30+ issue run back in the 90s… He’s not really a rogue but he’s not really a hero either. Kind of grey area.


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