Flashpoint #1 Cover

The Aquaman Shrine posted this image of the full cover for Flashpoint #1, with full logo and credits.

Flashpoint #1 ships next week, along with Flash #12, the “final” issue of the series. (We’ll just have to see see how DC relaunches it afterward.) A preview will also appear in DC’s Green Lantern special for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

In related news, USA Today writes about Flashpoint, “Not the DC heroes you know,” interviewing Dan Didio, editor Eddie Berganza, artist Andy Kubert, and comics retailer Brian Hibbs. Kubert talks about redesigning Wonder Woman and Batman, and Didio talks about the way DC is trying to combat event fatigue.


One thought on “Flashpoint #1 Cover

  1. Angel

    A few tips on battling “event fatigue”

    1.stop having them all the time and let the DCU run on its own steam for a while. Stories that run in each character/teams own books make a lot more sense than events which usually go: a giant crisis occurs, the JLA convenes and has a dispute THEN a bunch of b-listers get taken down until Superman or Green Lantern and now the Flash can encourage them enough to fight harder. Someone dies, but not for loooong. Shocking!!!

    2.Get Geoff Johns off of writing all of them; we’ve all had our share of his fan wanking and now its time to have the DC Universe make sense again.

    3.Kill someone and leave them dead. Hal Jordan coming back was…good for GL sales and the book in general. Bruce Wayne shouldn’t have come back period. Barry Allen’s return wasn’t so bad because we got a great flash book FINALLY but that was after the end of the painfully forced, drawn out, delayed, slow burn of a book called Flash:Rebirth. We have to deal with this “Wally Who?” prank that they’re pulling on us. It was unnecessary, take the same basic story in the new Flash book, same art and writing but stick Wally in there and boom its just as good.

    4.Stop making bad decisions with books, creators and characters.


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