Flashpoint in June: Rings and Buttons

DC will be shipping Flash rings with Flashpoint #2, probably similar to the Flash rings shipped with Flash #1 last year (pictured).

The first issue of each tie-in miniseries will also ship with a promotional button featuring the Flashpoint-themed symbol designed for that character.


3 thoughts on “Flashpoint in June: Rings and Buttons

  1. Married Guy

    I didn’t know about the buttons!!!
    Hopefully, you can purchase them seperately like the Rainbow Lantern ring promotion.

  2. Lia

    My shop didn’t get most of the rings in (it was erratic), but hopefully they’ll get these buttons. I ended up buying most of the rings when I visited the US.

    There’s also going to be Flashpoint Heroclix, did you guys hear about that?


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