DC Offers Promotional Flash & GL Rings

Following up on the Blackest Night ring promotion, DC will be offering promotional Flash and Green Lantern rings in April, linked to sales of the “Brightest Day”-labeled Flash #1 and Green Lantern #53.

The Flash rings will arrive in stores the same day as The Flash #1, on April 14.

It looks like they’ve reused the same mold and plastic used for the rings they handed out at conventions in 2008 (see right). The simple change of adding some paint to the face makes them look a whole lot better!

Alas, DC “can’t promise it’ll make you any faster.” 😉

This should prove less controversial than the Blackest Night ring promotion, for two reasons: First, retailers only need to order 10 copies of the book to qualify, not 25 or 50. Second, it’s the first issue of a major relaunch of one of DC’s top 5 heroes, written by their top writer, spinning out of DC’s most successful event in years. I expect most retailers would have ordered enough copies even without the promotion, and they’re not likely to be stuck with stacks of unsold Flash books to trade in for the next Deadpool variant.

Now if they could just find a way to stick a tiny costume in there…


10 thoughts on “DC Offers Promotional Flash & GL Rings

  1. KC Flash

    This will be a nice incentive to retailers and a very cool gift to us who have supported the Flash family over the years.

  2. Luke

    I am definitely looking forward to both the Flash and GL ring. The Flash ring because, well, let’s face it, the Flash is awesome. The GL ring because that was the one ring I didn’t get from the Blackest Night promotion!

    Now I need a Reverse-Flash ring so that I can threaten to vibrate it through girls’ heads while wearing my Reverse-Flash t-shirt!
    .-= Luke’s latest blog post: Interview With Justin (Green Arrow) Hartley =-.

  3. Matt

    Looking forward to this, but anybody know how many rings each retailer will get? Is it like a certain amount per 10 copies?

  4. Andrew

    I really don’t get this kind of promo. I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these. Are they really so popular?

  5. Touch of Grey

    Um, I actually DO have a ring wth a tiny costume in it. It came with a Flash/Kid Flash/Cosmic Treadmill figure set I got off eBay.

    I wear it everywhere <3

  6. Kelson Post author

    Andrew, you’re not expected to wear these out in the real world — you’re expected to keep them as memorabilia and maybe wear them when you’re feeling goofy or hanging out with like-minded friends or going to a convention.

    You know. For fun.

    Yeah, I know that’s a bad word in comics these days, when everything has to be Serious and Important, but at core, comics are entertainment and reading comics is a hobby. Fun should be in there somewhere.

    As for the rings, now that I think of it, I do know someone who proposed to his wife using a Flash or GL ring as a placeholder before they went to pick out a real ring. I got the story second-hand, so I’ve probably got the details wrong, but still…

    1. Andrew

      That’s a great, and yes fun, story about your proposal. :] And I can understand how you might take offence, but I had no way of knowing about that. My first reaction to these rings was that they seemed tacky or gimmicky, and I didn’t immediately see the “fun” in them (though that doesn’t suggest that I don’t think comics are fun).


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