No Ordinary Family Canceled

ABC’s has officially canceled No Ordinary Family as of last Friday. The TV series starred Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz as the heads of a family who gained super powers, with Chiklis’ character gaining the standard strength+nigh-invulnerability power set, Benz’ character gaining super-speed, and their children gaining telepathy and super-intelliigence.

I wanted to like this show more than I actually did, and then I kind of got off track watching it when J was born. (Actually, I got off track watching everything, but I managed to catch up on the rest of my shows before the backlog fell off of Hulu.) I think I left off about six episodes in.

I do plan on catching up eventually when it goes to DVD or Netflix streaming, so no spoilers please!


3 thoughts on “No Ordinary Family Canceled

  1. papa zero

    Along the lines of TV – Don’t know if you’d mentioned this but Captain Cold made a cameo in one of the last episodes of Smallville. The costume was extremely accurate given the show’s track record…

  2. JohnnyWellens

    Actually, the whole series is available on Hulu Plus. I watched the entire series over the course of a week during the times that I played DC Universe Online.

  3. Eyz

    I saw this coming from miles away… I mean, it was so much cliché/stereotypcial mainstrem characters and such…
    and kinda boring…


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