Speed Reading

Some weekend linkblogging as we race toward Flashpoint.

Flash Art.

Flash and Flashpoint.

Other comics stuff.


4 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Fastest

    Hey, that Kid Flash, XS, Boomer image is my comission that I got a few years ago. Cool, it finally made it to this site.

  2. Lex

    I think the XS story in Adventure Comics is more of a foreshadowing of upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes stories than of Flashpoint. But even in that case it seemed to fail at saying anything new about the Legion story or advance XS’s story in any meaningful way. I was disappointed in it.

  3. Chris Flinchbaugh

    Wow, Mike Bowden’s take on Wally West as Flash has a strong resemblance to 90’s Impulse artist Humberto Ramos while looking very little like he was portrayed in Wally’s own book: no eye lenses and strange anatomy. I hope this isn’t what he will actually look like in the RetroActive special.

  4. mike bowden

    Hey Chris, don’t worry, that sketch was just a test piece. I’ve gone back to what Mike Wieringo did and you’ll see my take on Wally will be closer to his. The eye lenses are back and he’s a little bulkier. DC will release the covers soon enough and you’ll see what I mean!


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