Black Flash Ame-Comi Statue

One of the stranger items on DC’s September solicitations is this statue of the Black Flash coming in February.


Death strikes faster than lightning!

Black Flash mysteriously appears as an omen of impending doom for any of the Flash family of speedsters that tap into the Speed Force.

Packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook, this non-articulated PVC statue stands approximately 9” high and includes a display base.

On sale February 1, 2012 * Statue * $70 US

Now, you may recall that in the comics, the Black Flash looks like this.

The reason for the difference: The Ame-Comi line is a series of statues that redesign DC’s characters as anime heroines, and since they released Jesse Quick as the Flash this year, the Black Flash is of course a reflection of her look.

Actually, I suspect it’s a repaint. I’ll have to leave that to Devin and others more familiar with collectibles, but at first glance, they look like they’re not just the same costume (again, except for the skull mask), but the same pose, and they’re credited to the same sculptor.

You can see another view of the Jesse Quick statue in my 2010 Comic-Con photos.


10 thoughts on “Black Flash Ame-Comi Statue

      1. Mike W.

        Indeed Lia. This is a first for that line. It does look like a straight up repaint. Same pose same goggles etc. I hope this isn’t a trend.

  1. Kyer

    Warning for bad language:

    You have got to be f* kidding me?

    When I first saw the promo for this post I thought it was going to be the one of Thawne and was ready to comment about how the very first appearance of Black Flash was so much cooler (your pic) because it had that feral-animal quality to it that Thawne’s just didn’t possess.


    I’m still waiting for a statue of Wally in his latest (last?) costume and they waste the time and resources on this piece of s*?! It looks like a cartoonish Tim Burton idea of….well no, it doesn’t even look like Jessie at all.

    What the h* is wrong with DC?

    1. Lia

      To be fair, this line would not have Wally anyway (unless they gave him boobs, which they just might). It’s all female. Presumably it’s a profitable line for Bob-knows-what reason, as they keep making new statues.

      There’s only been one-ever statue with one of the Rogues, but I can’t be mad at this line. It’s like being mad at a dog who doesn’t know any better.

      1. Kyer

        I meant resources in general.
        For a female only line, couldn’t they at least have come up with something that didn’t look like a teenager with a cobbled-up-from-the-closet Halloween costume?

        Eh, it’s like you said…loads of DC characters have yet to have any statues of them at all. I can’t figure out why this line takes precedence. Even Jessie…the one pictured above doesn’t look *bad*, but I’d have preferred to see her in her actual costume (preferably one closer to Terminal Velocity than Rebirth, though.)

        1. Lia

          All the statues in this line have bad revamps of their costumes to look ~kawaii~ — the Jesse one is actually not bad by its standards (do a Google image search for “Ame-Comi heroines”).

          What we need is a company like Bowen to get a contract with DC to produce statues. Marvel puts out a ton of statues, even doing some of fairly obscure and less popular characters, but DC mostly does the same characters over and over.

          1. Kyer

            Yes, I’ve noticed that DC’s toy selections tend to be rather…limited compared to Marvel’s. Also not very well done as most of the characters tend to be beefy muscle men whether they should be or not. (Of course there’s a trend for that in the books too. Ugh.)

  2. mbish

    The ami-comi line has been deteriorating in quality for a long time now. But this… this looks like an absolutely /horrible/ repaint. It looks terrible and it’s pretty easy to tell it’s a repaint.

    70 dollars for this statue? No thanks!


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