Flashpoint Previews: Reverse-Flash and Kid Flash Lost

DC has released previews of several Flashpoint issues coming out next week, including Flashpoint: Reverse-Flash and Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #1.

They also offer a little more information on The Source. Flashpoint: Reverse-Flash has a new, more intriguing catchphrase: “The man I’d give anything to kill has to live…or I die.” Writer Scott Kolins adds, “Flash’s arch nemesis sets up Flash’s greatest trial in this issue.”

As for Kid Flash Lost, Bart Allen also remembers the original timeline, and brings in Hot Pursuit to help…but is this the same Hot Pursuit? Sterling Gates explains:

KID FLASH LOST is a FLASHPOINT mystery, as Bart and the mysterious character known as Hot Pursuit try to unravel what has happened when the world they wake up in is not their own. Bart will deal with many of the character threads set up in Geoff Johns’ “Road to Flashpoint” storyarc even as he confronts the greatest danger the 31st century has ever seen.

One thing that makes these two tie-ins unusual is that they both focus on the main-timeline versions of the lead characters. It sounds like the Reverse-Flash book is a mix of origin story and creating the Flashpoint world, while Kid Flash will be facing the same kinds of questions that the Flash is facing in the main series, and Booster Gold is facing in his own book.

On a side note: it’s interesting to see that they brought back the One Year Later–era Flash logo for the Reverse-Flash one-shot.


7 thoughts on “Flashpoint Previews: Reverse-Flash and Kid Flash Lost

  1. Lee H

    Very excited for both of these, although it’s a little weird whenever Bart narrates or has any kind of internal monologue.

    I hope we eventually get to see Scott Kolins and/or Geoff Johns take on Barry Allen and Thawne’s first confrontation. This is the second time they’ve teased us with it!

  2. Thunderbolt_005

    Dont Make Wally Hot Pursuit…
    I’d rather he be a bad guy.

    It makes sense even though I don’t want it too. Who helped the alt. Barry make the Speed Bike? Alt. Wally.

    I will wait for the trade copy to pick up Kid Flash Lost. Why couldn’t they just kill Bart?

  3. Thunderbolt_005

    This is just a one shot for the Reverse Flash right? The DC site says nothing about 1 of 3, but the cover image here says 1 of 3.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Interesting, I hadn’t noticed that. No, as far as I know it’s only a one-shot. No second or third issue has been solicited, so even if they exist, no stores will have ordered them, and it was originally announced as a one-shot. I’d guess it’s an error in putting the preview together.

      I wonder if they caught it before it went to press…


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