Flash Costume Gathering Rescheduled

Today’s Flash costume gathering didn’t pick up too many people, so it’s been rescheduled for Saturday at 4:00.


2 thoughts on “Flash Costume Gathering Rescheduled

  1. Kyer

    Not at all a surprise considering two thirds of the Flashes have disappeared from DCU…so I guess you would have much less of a turn out.


  2. rev sully

    I’m digging Manipul’s verve & spirit behind his own creative license with the new FLASH #1.
    The uniform shoots out of Barry’s ring, piece by piece which he assembles at Super Speed…hence the lines all over his boots!

    I’m a little disappointed in the new look. kelson, I must admit that I copied one of your awesome images for my own Blog, the best “new” FLASH look of the 21st Century…Frank Miller’s Black outfit from 2001’s DK2. Shorts & Sneakers…I know runners, they’re my friends. They wouldn’t wear Barry’s new togs. But what “Carrie Kelly” designed for barry Allen in DK2? Classic yet New.
    my Two Cents.

    Kriya Shakti,
    Rev Sully
    the Hub of the Multiverse


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