Flashpoint #3 Preview is Out

DC has released a 5-page-preview of Flashpoint #3, due in stores on Wednesday.

The preview accompanies an article emphasizing that the midpoint of the miniseries puts the focus on heroic relatinoships – Batman and the Flash, Batman and Cyborg, and what happens to characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Superman without the support of other people and the Justice League. Editor Eddie Berganza also points out connections between Flashpoint and the DC relaunch, such as the Frankenstein miniseries and ongoing, the presence of Element Woman in the relaunched DCU, etc.

Flashpoint #3

Written by GEOFF JOHNS; Art by ANDY KUBERT and SANDRA HOPE; Cover by ANDY KUBERT and SANDRA HOPE; 1:25 Black and white variant cover A by ANDY KUBERT; Variant cover B by IVAN REIS and GEORGE PEREZ

FLASH QUESTION: Will The Flash and his new allies be able to fix the world?
DC Universe 32pg. Color $3.99 US

Update: Also this week: The second printing of Flashpoint #2, and a host of Flashpoint tie-in miniseries.


3 thoughts on “Flashpoint #3 Preview is Out

  1. chris

    I guess it’s pretty much certain that Reverse Flash is the cause of this altered reality, but I still wonder about Sam Scudder’s mirror (‘In case The Flash returns break glass’). When the glass was broken (Flash 5), by Barry falling into it, he saw the reflections of himself falling down the stairs, then meeting his mother and going for dinner on her birthday. The same images and the same dialogue as later happened in Flashpoint 1. Barry broke free of the mirror (“This isn’t real. These are just reflections. This isn’t…”), but Evan McCulloch stated that the “looking glass” was “a slow workin’ poison”. So, I’m wondering if Scudder’s last resort against The Flash may also have an effect on the Flashpoint reality.

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