Speed Reading

Some weekend linkblogging…

Flash and Flashpoint

Digital comics and the DC Relaunch

Other Stuff


1 thought on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    The Batman vs Holmes was hilarious. My first giggle of the day. Would that DC would make books like that…you know…comical comics based on existing characters stuff that tickles the funny bone? I’d buy the entire series.

    Speaking of buying…

    Once again I tried Comixology only to waste three hours trying to get one danged page of the free Previews to load. Just a test because I’d already seen the preview for Kid Flash at CBR. That’s right. Hours trying to download stuff that is for sale while the CBR download for all of the pages offered took less than 10 minutes; three hours at Comixology and I got nuthin. I sent them feedback telling them that I could have gone to YouTube and downloaded a video in the time I wasted at their site….yes, with dialup.


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