This Week: DC Retroactive: The Flash – The ’70s (Preview)

DC has released a preview for this week’s flashback comic starring the Scarlet Speedster of the Seventies.

DC Retroactive: The Flash (1970s)

The Flash may be able to save cities from tsunamis and stop criminals in their tracks at the blink of an eye, but he’s just found out that his super-powers come at an incredible cost. And when arch nemesis Gorilla Grodd strikes at the heart of Barry Allen, he’ll use every weapon he can think of against him…including Barry’s wife.

RETROACTIVE: THE FLASH – THE ’70s features a classic tale from the 1970s as well as a new one written as an homage to the decade. From the cumulative creative teams of Cary Bates, Benito Gallego, Sal Buscema, Martin Pasko, J.L. Garcia Lopez and Dan Adkins, don’t miss this one-shot when it hits stores tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “This Week: DC Retroactive: The Flash – The ’70s (Preview)

  1. Greg Elias

    so…it looks like they’re going to reprint either DC Comics Presents #1 or 2…this is the only Flash-related story by Pasko/Garcia-Lopez/Adkins. thats a really odd choice, since it is not by Bates and is not representative of most Flash stories from the 70s. plus, it will be one half of a story. i like those two issues a lot, but they could have picked any of a number of single issues of Flash.

    maybe they couldn’t use the novick stuff?? weird.

    1. Wayne Lippa

      They reprinted the story from DC Comics Presents #2. I was really, really disappointed with this. Not only did they only reprint part 2 of a 2-part story, they reprinted a story from a Superman team-up title that basically guest-starred the Flash. They couldn’t have found a single 70s story of Cary Bates’ from the Flash series (that showcased only the Flash) to reprint? And the original solicitation for this issue said that the reprinted story would be one that was originally written by Bates, so they didn’t even adhere to that. Way to go, DC!

  2. kyer

    Man the preview looks incredibly hokey. (That’s actually a *plus* in my book.) However…putting in an unfinished story to go along with it? They have to be kidding. Are all the retros doing that? 🙁

    1. Wayne Lippa

      The Batman one didn’t seem to do that. The reprinted story was a done-in-one tale.

    2. Wayne Lippa

      And the reprinted story was written by Len Wein, who wrote the new story. Not like in the Flash one.

    3. Wayne Lippa

      And both the new and reprint Wonder Woman stories in her Retro issue were written by Denny O’Neil.

    4. Kelson Post author

      It turns out they printed the second half of the story, which is at least better (especially since it was written at a time when they still figured even the second half of a story was someone’s first comic), but it’s still an odd choice.

  3. Tim Levine

    I’m guessing that the reprint was the result of a printer screw-up. My guess is that this is the reprint that was intended for the 70’s Superman Retroactive book. That’s why Pasko is the writer

  4. Hardy Gilbert

    Just now got around to reading this, and I, too, was rather confused by the reprint material, especially as the inidicia states that the material was from Flash #210 (1971)!

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