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The Fwoosh has the first look at Johnny Quick, The Crime Syndicate of Amerika’s own evil speedster who exists as a alternate Earth counterpart to our own Barry Allen, The Flash. There was also a version of Johnny that was an alternate and twisted version of Wally West but this design is clearly based on the Silver Age version of the sinister speedster. The figure will be released in a Walmart Exclusive Five pack that also includes the other four members of the CSA from various time periods; Johnny and Power Ring are from the Silver Age, Ultraman and Owlman are based on more modern renditions of the characters and Super Woman has a nice mix of everything. While I initially thought the different styles and looks wouldn’t mesh as well together I was mistaken:

We’ve known about this set for a little while now, but we are finally getting our first real look at the final figures out of the package and I’m now looking forward to this figure a lot more than I was previously. Johnny isn’t really the most spectacular looking figure (the costume is fairly basic) but as The Fwoosh reviewer pointed out it is the little details that the Four Horsemen (the art team responsible for all of the DC Universe Classics designs and releases) add that make the piece really come together. Of course I will have to wait until I have him in hand myself but this definitely has me on board with the release. Not sure yet though if I will be trying to find this guy loose or just buying the whole pack. I rarely get out to Wal-Mart (not that I really like shopping there anyway) but I’m hoping that if I do I have better luck than I’ve had in the past with these exclusives.

This version of Johnny Quick (Waid-era Flash fans will remember Johnny Chambers, the first Johnny Quick and father to Jesse Chambers aka Jesse Quick and Liberty Belle) has been realized once before as a full size action figure by DC Direct back in 2002. The Wally West version of Quick was released as a Heroclix in 2007 and yet another alternate version of the character appeared in the 2010 Warner Bros direct to DVD/Blu-Ray release, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

DC Direct’s Crime Syndicate of America Johnny Quick from 2002

Wizkids Johnny Quick Heroclix from 2007

Great stuff overall and I’m very pleased to be adding another Flash-related character to my collection. No matter my feelings about the current direction of the DCU I think I will always collect Flash stuff, I just don’t know if I will be on board with DC and the actual Flash series much longer. I’m just waiting to see when these new designs will start affecting DC Comics merchandise; honestly I’m just hoping that we get Wally West and Jay Garrick before they cease to exist in the main DC Universe.

Who plans on picking up Johnny Quick and/or the rest of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika?

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11 thoughts on “DCUC Crime Syndicate Johnny Quick First Look

  1. Kyer

    ? I thought Jay and Wally had already ceased to exist. (Not counting the retros as those are specified as being set in the *past*..distant memories.) As far as I can recall, despite several requests for anything about Wally when Didio was answering questions on Facebook, he refused to answer anything on Wally, Stephanie, or PG. In fact, the last I recall him answering anything on Wally West was to say “Wally who?”


    We’re lucky we are getting the two retro books considering that attitude.

    On the toy…well, it’s just as well that it’s only at Walmart as I dislike that place anyway. (Know several people who used to work there and the stories they told turned my hair.) I’m only interested in the Wally versions now.

    Just got an email that my Barry Allen porcelain statue has been released and is on it’s way. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood when it arrives and will sequester it away before I smash it. (Yeah, I’m still ticked.)

    1. Lee H

      Brett Booth said that he drew Wally West and Donna Troy in Teen Titans #2. No hint whether it’s a full appearance, cameo, flashback, or something else entirely.

      The only Johnny Quick costume I really like is from the recent animated DVD movie. But I’ll probably get this anyway, if I can find it alone, to go with the rest of my DCU Classic Flash figures.

      1. Kyer

        Heck yeah! I’d love a set of heroes and villains from the DCAU. Not to mention Johnny Quick from regular old Earth. Also still waiting for an unmasked Wally and Linda…like that’s ever going to happen now. If I was any good at sculpting, I’d make my own.

        1. Devin Post author

          Thanks Ken! Sad that this is the only new Flash thing we have seen so far, but we have 3 more days and beggars can’t be choosy. I love that whirlwind attachment too.

  2. Mike W.

    And Devin you aren’t going to be on board for the whole new DCU and the reboot??? What the…?!? Me I am all for this one. I understand what they are doing with everything. At first I couldn’t stand the notion but I am coming around slowly.

    As for this particular set, Walmart or not, I’ll have to get it. Another Johnny Quick is too good to pass up. Perhaps I can ditch the other figures off on a friend of mine??

  3. Devin Post author

    I understand the reasoning behind why they are doing it, I just don’t like it. But like I’ve said, I will be picking up the first arc of The Flash, Justice League and Teen Titans but if they don’t impress I will be quick to axe them. I already spend tons of money on merchandise I can’t afford to buy comics that I don’t really agree with.

    I’m going to have the same problem with the rest of my five pack unless I manage to find a nicely priced loose one. I open all my stuff anyway so it isn’t a big deal finding it MOC.

  4. Lia

    I’m still cranky that this 5-pack turned out to be the Crime Syndicate — rumours had been flying that it would be either Flash Rogues (including the Top) or Batvillains (and I actually liked 3 of them). So imagine my displeasure when it turned out to be these dorks.


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