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DC’s New 52: Flash is About the Uniqueness of Barry Allen. So Long, Wally West.

DC has four sessions on The New 52 at Comic-Con, and it sounds like they’re presenting on a different chunk of their line each day. The Flash wasn’t in today’s presentation, but people asked about it during the Q&A session. More specifically, people asked about the fate of Wally West, and for once, Dan Didio actually gave a straight answer.

From CBR’s coverage:

Asked about Wally West and his family, DiDio said “there are no plans for Wally West in the ‘Flash,'” because that series is about the “uniqueness of who [Barry Allen] is and how he moves through the world.”

Newsarama has a little more detail:

A fan who liked the multiple generations of speedsters asked about Wally West and his family in the DCnU

DiDio: “Right now there are no plans for Wally West in the new Flash series”

The series focuses on the uniqueness of how someone who moves and thinks near the speed of light lives.

Q: “I’m here to still talk about Wally West…”

DiDio: “okay…”

Fan: “Last year you said you took Wally off the table so Barry could be the sole focus, and now you’re still saying that again.”

DiDio: “We did say that last year cause we did want to build Barry Allen up as much as possible, and this year with the relaunch even more so”

Fan: “How does that work when you have four Robins running around?”

DiDio: “I think we could do that with all the characters” He ended the conversation by saying “I think we’ll be sticking with Barry for awhile.”

As you might imagine, I have some thoughts on this. I’m going to save them for later so that I can collect them properly.